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Report of the Alumni Relations Task Force

The Scenes of Their Youthful Studies: The Next Era in Alumni Relations

In the fall of 2003, University President John T. Casteen III convened the Alumni Relations Task Force. Comprising alumni volunteers who represent schools and programs across the Grounds, the Task Force was given the charge of developing a comprehensive proposal for cultivating meaningful and lasting ties with an increasingly diverse body of alumni. The Task Force was also asked to propose an organizational structure, a financing model, and an implementation plan for realizing its goals.To fulfill its charge, the Task Force developed a set of recommendations aimed at creating the ideal alumni relationship. The Task Force's report was delivered to the Board of Visitors in June, 2004. The Board endorsed the recommended programs and services. Currently (November 2004), the University and the Alumni Association are discussing an implementation model. To Print the entire report, please download this PDF here.

The Report

Executive Summary

Report of the Alumni Relations Task Force

Objectives of the Alumni Relations Task Force

Alumni Engagement Today

Development and Alumni Engagement Activities

The Engagement Continuum

Current Alumni Programs

Engagement Tools and Activities

General Observations Regarding Alumni Engagement at the University

The Next Era in Alumni Relations: Recommendations

The Next Era in Alumni Relations: Structure, Financing and Implementation

A New Organizational Model for Alumni Engagement

Conclusion: Realizing the Vision

Appendix A. Task Force Process and Timeline

Appendix B. Who Are Our Alumni? A Statistical Analysis

Appendix C. The Link Between Alumni Engagement and Alumni Giving

Appendix D. The Alumni Association: Current Role and Structure

Appendix E. Stanford's Experience with Improving Alumni Engagement

Appendix F. Lifelong Learning Models

Appendix G. Organizational Charts

Appendix H. The Executive Director's Position

Alumni Relations Task Force members

Chair: H. Eugene Lockhart, Jr. ('72 Engineering, '74 Darden)

Lucien L. Bass III ('63 Engineering, '65 Darden)

Gordon C. Burris ('67 Education)

James J. Chaffin, Jr. ('66 Arts & Sciences)

Thomas Connally, Jr., M.D. ('58 Arts & Sciences, '62 Medicine)

Douglas D. Garson ('78 Engineering)

Elizabeth J. Heider ('79 Architecture)

Elisa Holquist ('85 Arts & Sciences)

Rebecca J. Horner ('92 Arts & Sciences, '95 Education)

Valerie Smith Kirkman ('75 Nursing)

Jeffrey D. Nuechterlein ('79 Arts & Sciences, '86 Law)

John C. Peoples ('88 Arts & Sciences)

Philip B. Pool, Jr. ('76 Commerce)

Robert W. Riordan ('73 Law)

Charles H. Turner IV ('79 Commerce)


Thomas A. Saunders III ('67 Darden)
(Former Chair, External Affairs Committee of the Board of Visitors)

Bob Sweeney, Senior Vice President for Development & Public Affairs

Jack Syer, Executive Director, UVa. Alumni Association

Wayne Cozart, Director of Alumni Activities, Alumni Association

Ken Kipps, Director of Communications, College of Arts & Sciences

Megan Raymond, University Outreach Officer and Director, Engaging the Mind Series

Andy Selfridge, Director of Regional Programs, Office of University Development

Bill Sublette, Director of University Publications and Development Communications

Jenny Wyss-Jones, Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Development & Public Affairs

Note: Scott H. Jones, Senior Manager for Business Analysis in the Office of the Vice President for Finance, also provided valuable assistance regarding financial modeling for this report.

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