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Q How do I find my way around the University and in Charlottesville? How do I get there?
A You can locate buildings and roads on the University's Maps. Directions to the University can also be found there. Once you get to the University, stop at the University's Information Center on Route 250 West and pick up a paper copy of the map.
Q Does Charlottesville have an airport?

The Charlottesville/Albemarle airport is located on Route 606 off of Route 29 North. Directions. Airlines: The Delta Connection: Daily nonstop flights to Cincinnati, Atlanta, and points beyond. United Express: Daily nonstop flights to Washington Dulles and points beyond. US Airways Express: Daily nonstop flights to Philadelphia, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, New York's LaGuardia, and points beyond.

Q What is Charlottesville like?

Charlottesville, located in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, is home to 40,000 people and 145,000 in the larger metropolitan area. Education, high-tech companies, light manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, and retail trade make up its economic base. See more in Exploring the Area.

Charlottesville is a small, thriving city, 120 miles from Washington DC. It has a community symphony orchestra, a light opera company, Renaissance vocal groups, It celebrates the Film Festival every fall and the Festival of the Book every spring. The downtown area is an eighteen-block, brick-paved pedestrian mall with more than twenty outdoor cafes and restaurants, numerous modern theaters as well as a cinema focusing on foreign and independent films. From April through October, Charlottesville celebrates Fridays After Five downtown, with live bands at its new amphitheater. Contemporary performers like Hootie and the Blowfish, Charlottesville's own Dave Matthews Band, and Zhane have all been a part of the music scene.

The countryside around Charlottesville, especially in the spring and fall, ranks among the most beautiful sites in the nation. The area offers numerous Civil War sites and historical road markers detailing more than two hundred years of history.

The Chamber of Commerce web site offers a wealth of information about Charlottesville/Albemarle.

Q Can I meet with the admission office if I visit? Should I make an appointment in advance?

The Office of Admission invites all prospective students and their parents to attend a Group Information Session and stay afterwards for a walking tour of the University Grounds. While we neither require interviews nor use them to evaluate applicants, the deans of admission do meet with students on an individual basis to answer questions and to provide counseling if special circumstances require it. Such appointments do not affect the admission decision.

Q Is the entering student orientation program required? Should I plan on attending as a parent?

All students are expected to come to one of the summer orientation sessions offered in July and August. All students are charged $190 for the orientation program. During the two-day session, students will meet with a faculty advisor, register for classes, become familiar with the U.Va. Grounds, and meet some of their new classmates. In recent sessions, more than 90 percent of all students attended summer orientation and two-thirds of them brought along at least one parent for the simultaneous parent orientation program. Visit the Summer Orientation web site for more information.

Q How do I find hotels and restaurants in the area?

Please see our Places to Stay page for more information. The Charlottesville/Albemarle Convention and Visitors Bureau also offers a list of hotels, inns, and restaurants.

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