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Website Survey Results University of Virginia

Web site Survey Results on Version 1 and Version 2

Web site Voting Results Version 2

Voting began at 12:30 p.m. on February 12, 2007. As of noon February 16, 2007, when the survey was closed, 1,825 users had participated.

Please vote on the Home Page "signature" photo:

  1. Lawn View of Rotunda - 79%
  2. Jefferson Statue and Rotunda - 21%

In your browser, does the photo slideshow or fly-out navigation have any flickering?

  1. Yes - 4%
  2. No - 96%

We moved Toolkit, ISIS, and COD to the top blue bar on the Home Page. Is this helpful?

  1. Yes - 95%
  2. No - 5%

Is the close indicator (X) on the bottom right-hand corner of the "U.Va. For You" home page dropdown adequate or would you also like to have settings saved (closed or open) upon your return visit?

  1. Close Indicator - 55%
  2. Saved Settings - 45%

Web site Survey: Our Responses Version 2

• Safari Users: We converted the main image Flash rotation into JavaScript so we no longer need to redirect you to a non-Flash version.
• The Rotunda view was voted the overwheling favorite "signature" photo, so we swapped original Jefferson statue/Rotunda (but retained it as the second-to-last image in the rotation).
• Most of you did not like the feature people photography and preferred the slide show on the main page.
• Students convinced us that the addition of the Toolkit, ISIS, and COD were valuable addition to the Home Page and that Webmail on all second level pages was useful.
• We are keeping the U.Va. For You window open for now because the vote was to keep it open.
• We have made layout changes to the current student page and will continue to try to make this as useful as possible for all students.

Web site Survey Responses Version 1

As of Monday, February 12, 2007 we have received 158 survey responses. The results and samples of comments are shown below. Our responses to your comments are in boldface. This survey is now closed.

Please identify what type of visitor you are:

  1. Student - 67%
  2. Faculty/Staff - 21%
  3. Alumnus - 8%
  4. Admitted Student - 3%
  5. Prospective Student - 1%
  6. Parent of U.Va. Student - 1%
  7. Parent of Prospective Student - 1%
  8. Other - 1%

How often do you visit the U.Va. Web Site?

  1. Daily - 84%
  2. Once a Week or less - 13%
  3. First Visit - 1%
  4. Once a Month or Less - 1%

What features, if any, do you like about the new, proposed Home Page designs? (Choose as many as you like).

  1. Improved look and feel, use of photography - 69%
  2. Fly-out navigation options on the new Home Page - 58%
  3. Webmail on blue bar - 58%
  4. More efficient navigation and layout - 52%
  5. News and events on the Home Page - 44%
  6. New width - 37%
  7. A-Z index as dynamically generated database - 27%
  8. U.Va. for Kids - 17%

Do the fly-outs work on the Home Page Yes or No?

  1. Yes - 90%
  2. No - 10%

Do you feel that the look and feel of the new proposed Home Page is representative of the University? Why or why not?

  1. It's really very blue and dark.
  2. I think it is representative of the University. However, for students it makes navigating to toolkit or ISIS more tedious. We added ISIS to the Featured inks. The toolkit is there too (under Instructional Toolkit).
  3. Pretty much. One recommendation is that we feature student leaders as examples of student self governance. The University tries to distinguish itself from other Universities by focusing on Student Self Governance. A letter from the Student Council president to prospective students or a letter on the state of Honor or UJC from the Chair's, or something like that. Maybe a link on the Current Students website that asks what concerts/ comedians/ programs students want to see and how they can tell this the University Programs Council. I think you can control this very well by sticking to agency organizations. I think when you visit UVa's website, you should see and read about student self governance. I think we should integrate this piece into our website!
  4. Well done
  5. Yes, because the pictures represent the diversity among UVa students and faculty. Also, the design is classic and timeless - just like UVa.
  6. Yes.
  7. Yes, however, the features (text, photos, etc.) seem too large. The old page had distinctive areas for each section... now, many items overlap
  8. In addition to current pictures, i suggest putting pictures of typical UVa scenes of the 4 seasons-Winter,Spring,Fall,Summer)
  9. Yes, but I would like to see the rotunda, the lawn, or some pictures of grounds.
  10. yes! it is rather innovative and modern...the old page is a bit...archaic
  11. i suppose
  12. it is very clean cut, simple, and tries to be sophisticated with a dash of conservative.
  13. If we're talking about the University's philosophy, then it does a good job of connecting the community- and that's good (but it already did that). Otherwise, it appears to have all the content of the old website, except with a more visually appealing user interface. . . and I don't know enough about graphical interfaces to determine whether or not they "represent the University."
  14. Yes! It's much warmer and classy.
  15. Its hard to say, the pictures keep changing! Sometimes they are representative of the university, but frequently they are not.
  16. Representative - not really. But that's because the University doesn't have a distinctive brand. The images in rotation help. Almost missed that because by the time I looked it was over, and I noticed the replay option later.
  17. yes, the color chosen represents us well.
  18. I feel that the changing large pictures are a nice addition.
  19. I don't. It's too cold and impersonal, and the big picture of the student just makes it worse, it makes it feel so generic, like every school trying to look diverse and happy. It has the feel of a website designed by a contracting Put the Lawn back where the student was, have more pictures, Thomas Jefferson's signature, etc., things that will "cheer our hearts and warm our blood."
  20. yes especially with the different pictures.
  21. NO - the most prominent thing is the capital campaign, that has very little influence on the every day lives of 95% of the uva community, also the loss of color makes it less interesting and more like every other web page.
  22. There is much more diversity at UVa than caucasian females. The photos rotate and show more diversity than the first photo. We have heard a number of concerns about the photography in the left hand corner, we have created an alternate page featuring the Week in Photos. Take a look at an alternative page.
  23. yes, because the school is changing and a picture of the rotunda is not the only representation of the university. At least not anymore. Granted it is a huge part of the school's history but there are other aspects.
  24. At first glance it definitely gives the feeling of a public university (I can't say exactly why but it does). I've visited a lot of school websites in my years and you can always tell the public universities. It may have to do with the parochial nature (weather info that is, frankly useless) of the site or the emphasis on University elements (yes, we all love the Rotunda) rather than university opportunities and general life (images of important events, students "doing their thing", etc.). Some of this sort of thing is addressed in the lower left corner but while it is pretty and visual, it is really misplaced and distracting. It doesn't relate to anything else on the page. I suppose it is up to you all to decide whether this is good or bad.
  25. It is representative. It almost portrays a corporate image, which alludes to an efficient and productive university.
  26. Yes, I like the move to a broader representation of the University visually. The Rotunda is a great brand and crucial to UVA, but UVA is more than the Rotunda. That being said, I think there is room to broaden it further, the current main slideshow only features the exterior of one UVA building (one guess). For instance, a shot of the Dell, Library Quad, Amphitheater, and Corner might add to the general feel of UVA in the slideshow.
  27. I think the rotunda/lawn should be a main part (main photo) of the webpage
  28. Yes, but I like the darker blues. Everything looks too airy. I don't know where to focus my eyes.

What do you think of all the new features? Do you like them or not, and why?

  1. It took me a while to find the Webmail bar, it used to be in the featured links? Perhaps include two links two webmail, or make the icons more prominent. I actually preferred the colorways on the previous homepage more than on the new webpage. Webmail was featured but was not rendering correctly on PCs (the list stopped showing after the President's Office link). We have fixed this so they all display now.
  2. Great job, this is a step up and I liked the old home page a lot. How can I make this my new home page now?
  3. It was hard for me to find toolkit. It is under Instructional Toolkit in Featured links, same as in current page. We are working on the display of these Featured Links.
  4. ...Also, when using the ctrl-mouse scroll to change text size only the weather info text changes sizes, it might be better to disable that feature if it is the only one. The following text is sizable: News and Events feeds, featured links, the navigation flyouts; the footer links, the weather.
  5. Overuse of FLASH media; this cheapens the look of an otherwise excellent website.
  6. Placement of Webmail. See #1 above, it is now visible on Featured Links, also on the blue tab on the top of the home page and the bluebar on top of all 2nd level pages.
  7. The girl sitting on the lower-left corner of the page. What does she get all the attention? I think the pictures should change, like the picture frame we have in the current home page's lower-left corner. The photos do change and rotate between ten photos. We are looking at posting photography from the Week in Photos in this spot as a replacement. Check back again next week.
  8. pictures at left bottom look too professional, staged...liked the weekly photos better. See #7 above.
  9. I also went to the For Current Students page and I did not like the amount of text on the Events of interest box with the times and locations going to the next line and the mix of letters, numbers and punctuation it was too "busy" for me to notice anything at a glance. I also felt that the page was too white. We have fixed this so the events, time, and location display better. We have added a number of new feeds in the last day to the student page so take another look.
  10. The "UVa For You" box covers up the pictures - can you make it so that it pulls down when you scroll over it? This box does close (click the arrow) but we are looking for ways to make the functionality clearer.
  11. The drop shadow on the University of Virginia text is distracting. I'd like to see it either go away or be more distinct. As it is now it looks like a dirty screen.
  12. Two links from the new home page (follow the "Accesibility" link at the bottom of the page, and then the "Accessible Web Design" link) is a page the provides good guidelines for making web pages accessible to everyone. Of the 5 barriers on that page, the new Home Page appears to violate all but the first of these ("Pages using frames"). ... We offer the text-only versions for full accessibility compatibility.
  13. The second-level pages (e.g., the new All About the University page) that have images of other pages show those images as skewed, rather than square. Picky, I'll admit, but it looks off.
  14. The best feature from the current webpage is having WebMail, ISIS, COD, and ToolKit all in ONE PLACE!!! separating them is a disaster and took me a while to figure out where they are.. still haven't found the COD! We just put all the links and their icons back on the Current Student page, please have a look. We also added ISIS to the Home Page.
  15. The only negative I see is that the news and events do not have little pics beside them like they used to. That just made it easier to find the right info (such as the bad weather popup).
  16. If anything, bring back the webmail, toolkit, ISIS, and COD in the UVA student page.. its very frustrating the way it is now.. too many clicks. We have put all these back, see answer above.
  17. needs more orange
  18. The top of the page looks empty. It is simply white space with "the university of virginia" written across the top. It needs something else. Also, I don't really like the "UVA for you" part because the dropdown menu is always down.It would look better (and wouldn't always block out part of the main picture) if it were a dropdown menu and the list would not appear unless you scrolled over it. It can be closed, see answer to #10 above.
  19. Why change the home page? I really like the way it is. I'm familiar with it. I urge you not to change it.
  20. Click the [+]View to see all the options under the "for Current Students" section. I want to be able to see all my options without having to expand the menu. We have now changed this with the use of a cookie, so that if you expand an area, it will stay expanded the next time you go to that page (from the same computer). The expand and collapse functions were put in place to reduce the length of the page so viewers have a better chance of finding the categories they are looking for. See if the cookie helps.
  21. i think i want to see more colors. the blue and white seems kind of dull to me. i want to see more pictures taken in summer and spring as well. We agree and will add more seasonable photos.
  22. Fly outs are too busy and the fly-out text is very difficult to read. News & Events text is too large (the text size in the current "Featured Links" is a good size. The photos in the lower-left. The sideways "Featured Links" is distracting... the current "Featured Links" text is much simpler. Overall, there is a lot going on with a lot of overlap (photos extending into blue; fly-out navigation extending into primary photos). I prefer the small box photos in the lower-left. The new ones seem too large and distracting.
  23. Yes. It is much cleaner, much better looking. Puts us on par with ivy schools.
  24. Like the fly-outs alot. don't like the "look" of the right bar, its okay. smaller photos - can't get to the "useful" until scrolling past the "pretty" photos to the links at the bottom. do like the separate flash top/left and a bottom right - nicely done - (just too big).
  25. They are similar enough that it should be a smooth adjustment. I was worried at first when I couldn't find what is currently "quicklinks," but they're as easily accessible as they were previously.
  26. Make the Logo larger and reduce the white space in top area. Good idea, we just did (2/6/07); have another look.

Are there any features from the current Home Page you miss?

  1. I can't find anything you missed!
  2. No, the new page is nice and streamlined and easy to read!
  3. people search more prominent and should be default setting
  4. Don't know yet. Will probably find something after using it for a while.
  5. The small graphics under "Featured Links."
  6. can't think of any, it incorporate almost everything
  7. No this is great.
  8. I miss the Quicklinks section. I want to be able to access ISIS from the home page. We added ISIS to the featured links off the Home Page (although it is not on the current home page featured links).
  9. The "Support the University" link on the current home page needs to be on the next home page. If you bury it under the Alumni page, the possibilities are there for fewer donations out of the lack of ease of finding the correct address. Please see the large Campaign for the University link with easy access to giving button.
  10. The big picture of the Rotunda & Lawn. That's the big seller, that's what we want to see. The close up of Mr. Jefferson, although very necessary, doesn't give the "classic image."
  11. I didn't notice a toolkit, COD or isis link... maybe i missed them ? they would be helpful to have on the navigation bar. We have put all these back along with their icons.
  12. content emphasis, simplicity, people/web search, all academic departments
  13. University Registrar in the featured links. University Registrar was featured but was not rendering correctly on PCs (the list stopped at the President's page link); it now dispalys correctly.
  14. Picture icon of weather (sun for sunny, cloud for cloudy, etc.) The weather from NOAA was temporarily down, the weather icon feature is still part of the new home page. We are glad this tool is useful for you.
  15. is the webmail and toolkit? should be more visible. Both of these links are available under featured links, you may also access webmail from the blue tab on the top of the home page and the bluebar on top of all 2nd level pages.
  16. The dark blue banner! The rotunda!
  17. No, the new page looks very good, all the features I currently use are there.

What sections/links would you like to see added to the new U.Va. Home Page?

  1. Not a home page issue - but could the fly outs be continued to the student, faculty, staff ("for you" pages) like on the perspective students page (which I like is more "drive-able"). We are looking into this but some pages, such as the Student page, have so many feeds and links that we opted for a single page w/out flyouts.
  2. Bookstore Link
  3. maybe including the link to "Student Organization Info Management System" under the section "daily life" in "for uva students" page
  4. I would like to see a friendlier, comprehensive calendar layout for student activities. The "of interest today" and student activities calendar should be redesigned for easier navigation and viewing. The big idea here is to have a calendar that is extremely easy, quick, and welcoming for students to access/view/navigate/CONTRIBUTE to. Also, please add a calendar section that is solely for student organization meetings/events. (this is all much easier said than done, good luck!) More virtual tours of buildings.
  5. Be sure to keep the featured links and I really think that an Isis bar is necessary on the homepage if you guys have toolkit and webmail up. Also, a home directory web interface link would also be nice.
  6. I also think you should put toolkit on the blue bar with webmail.
  7. expansion for the arts - link on its own for the culture section i suppose.
  8. its just too busy
  9. There should be more featured links to academic programs and research centers, not just to athletics, fundraising, and the new arena. The lifeblood of UVa is its academic programs, and they are nearly invisible on the new homepage design. The Academic Programs and Research Centers are both second level pages off of the new home page. You may reach a variety of both utilizing the main flyouts.
  10. Other than the added "Support the University" link, I, personally, would emphasize JPJ Arena, especially since the men's team is doing so well at home this year, and the arena itself is so beautiful.
  11. I think a link to Cavalier Daily would be a nice addition. Cavalier Daily is available off the Things To Do/News flyout on the home page and there is a Cav Daily RSS feed on the student page.
  12. Direct link to ISIS. We just added it.
  13. Facebook!
  14. toolkit, isis, cav daily. We put the toolkit and Isis back, the Cavalier Daily is available off the Things To Do/News flyout on the home page and we put the Cavalier Daily feeds on the Student page.
  15. A link to MyUVA would be nice. I remember as a new student that I used that a lot. It could replace the Webmail link (and would give you more traffic in MyUVA).

What Featured Links do you find useful?

  1. Webmail - 79%
  2. ISIS - 67%
  3. Course Offering Directory - 60%
  4. Instructional Toolkit - 58%
  5. Athletics - 41%
  6. John Paul Jones Arena - 41%
  7. Jobs/Careers - 30%
  8. University Registrar - 30%
  9. Addresses - 26%
  10. Admission Office - 23%
  11. Computing - 22%
  12. AccessUVa - 20%
  13. Arts at U.Va. - 19%
  14. Others - 11%
  15. Diversity at U.Va. - 10%
  16. Community Relations - 6%
  17. President's Office - 6%
  18. Universitas 21 - 6%
  19. Corporate Connections - 5%
  • Calendars - 27%
  • A-Z Index - 18%
  • Academic Departments - 18%
  • Dining - 18%
  • Library/Virgo - 18%
  • People Search - 18%
  • Housing - 9%
  • Integrated System - 9%
  • ITC - 9%
  • Procurement - 9%
  • Student Ticketing - 9%

Other Comments:

  1. THE FLYOUTS ARE NOT COMPATABLE WITH SAFARI! THIS MUST BE FIXED BEFORE THE NEW SITE GOES LIVE! The problem was that in Safari the flyouts would flicker when over a flash animation. Safari does not display flyouts over flash animations. Safari does not display flyouts over flash animations. To correct this problem, we have put in a browser detect that replaces the main home page flash with a scenic photo.Please recheck this and let us know if you still have any trouble with the flyouts.
  2. I love the library search straight from the first page! And that you put ISIS back in the featured links section! I am faculty now, but I was a student at UVA, too, and that was a link that I really missed when it was taken off the front page.
  3. The flashing pictures in both the corner and on the top of the website are distracting. I would say either one or the other. Some of the pictures that were chosen are also a little bit random. Who is the woman in the corner? How is she representative of UVa? I miss the picture of the Rotunda on the old website.
  4. Looks great and looks like a lot of hard work was put into it. Thank you!
  5. I think it looks great!
  6. Internet access is so important and ubiquitous at our University, you should push for even more student involvement and input so our website can reach its full potential. We could have the greatest
  7. i like the library added to the search, that will be really convenient
  8. i LOVE it...when will it pop up automatically?
  9. I like every feature of the new website. It is interactive and visually attractive.
  10. very well played.
  11. At the top where the weather info is, the dash (-) between the date and the temperature makes the temperature always look negative. Thu., February 1, 2007 - 2° F (-3°C) looks like Thu., February 1, 2007-27°F (-3°C) on my browser. We have added some more space around the dash, to make the temperature more clear.
  12. A nice improvement; I never completely took to the current design.
  13. Loads a little slower - all the pictures I guess. But they add value, the difference is minimal on DSL, not friendly for dial up. We are adding a detect so you get the nonflash version from a dial up connection.
  14. On the "Of Interest Today" you have the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in lieu of the men's basketball game vs Duke - the concert was last Friday.The feeds are working properly now.
  15. I don't like it. The old one was perfectly good, and the new one does not actually offer anything more. Leave well enough alone, this one is worse.
  16. its too blue. looks like someone had a little too much fun playing with different shades of blue. you mix flat blue and gradient blue in a strange way, it looks weird
  17. Have a pop up of the menu for that day. (newcomb,runk..etc) The upcoming events that are happening on grounds that day. Recognizing that a number of students use the Current Student page as their Home Page, we have added these features: news feed from the Cavalier Daily; news and events feeds from UVA Today; links to This Week's Dining Menus; and a number of other feeds with events and podcasts.
  18. A friend just suggested that UVA Today and the "big picture" could work together to rotate through image/article combinations. This would reduce the page "height" as well as link the events to a visual set. I also love the A-Z Index, Calendar, Maps, highlighted and within reach. They were lost on the old site. I also love the blue.
  19. Good job, I didn't fully realize how dated the current homepage had become until I saw this one. It presents a modern, clean, and current feel while remaining useful and organized.
  20. The featured links should show some sort of response when I highlight over them. Having movies on the home page is a little annoying. I like still images or non-flash graphics when I visit websites that are meant to act as my homepage or portal, so that I can have simple, uncluttered access to everything about the university. We just added rollover effects to the featured links and have converted this section from flash to HTML so you will can see the URLs in your browsers status bar.

What type of computer do you most often use?

  1. PC - 82%
  2. Apple - 18%

What browser do you most often use?

  1. Firefox - 43%
  2. Internet Explorer - 41%
  3. Safari - 9%
  4. Mozilla - 3%
  5. Netscape - 2%
  6. AOL - 1%
  7. Opera - 1%

What is the version of the browser you most often use?

  1. 7 - 37%
  2. 2 - 28%
  3. 6 - 15%
  4. 1 - 9%
  5. 5 - 6%
  6. Other - 4%
  7. Beta - 2%
  8. 3 - 1%
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