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Notes for Fine and Performing Arts Commission
Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Robert Chapel (Chair), Samantha Beer, Sagé Blaska, Julian Connolly, James Cooper, Dean Dass, Angela Davis, Edward Davis, Lisa Lear DeBessonet, George Garrett, Larry Goedde, Jeff Hantman, Jill Hartz, Richard Herskowitz, Denise Karaoli, Judith Kinnard, Phyllis Leffler, Marita McClymonds, Jane Penner, Maggie Piczak, Jack Robertson, George Sampson, Bill Sublette, Beth Sutton and Danette Wolpert.

Meeting Summary:
Mr. Chapel asked to have individual presentations completed at the May 20, 1999 meeting. He also announced the appointment of Maggie Piczak, University Dance Club President, as a Commission member and representative for dance.

Mr. Chapel discussed convening the arts chairs in early fall to conduct a gap analyses of each department’s needs. He said the entire commission might not need to meet every two weeks in the fall. Instead, the task forces may meet more and there might be visits to other university arts programs and centers. He asked the chairs of each task group to contact Denise Karaoli to clarify the paths they are taking to accomplish their goals. Mr. Chapel talked about Steve Wolf, an arts consultant, who will discuss planning for the arts complex.

In sub-committee reports, students Lisa Lear DeBessonnet and Samantha Beer said that they continue to gather and compile students’ needs. Phyllis Leffler is continuing her efforts to produce a strategic plan for the interdisciplinary curriculum task force. Beth Sutton talked about the community meeting she attended at the Omni Hotel, where a feasibility study was discussed for building a conference center using public and private funds. Ms. Sutton, Bob Chapel, and Angela Davis also met with Senator Emily Couric who stated that she supports the arts precinct, but that parking and traffic patterns need to be discussed. Bill Sublette reported that he was assessing the production costs of an arts publication.

Marita McClymonds stated that the Music Department needs a sizable and appropriate performance space that can be used on a daily basis, which will be, in essence, their laboratory. Bob Chapel stated that drama’s most pressing need is for additional technical staffing. Mr. Chapel also noted that the Heritage Repertory is going into their 26th season. Heritage Repertory is solid, with a budget that has grown steadily.

Richard Herskowitz discussed the Media Arts at UVA and the Virginia Film Festival. He also talked about substantial student interest in multi-media video art. He stated that the primary exhibition of media arts happens at the Virginia Film Festival. More year round programming is being planned.

Danette Wolpert was invited to discuss the need for a dance degree program. She emphasized the need to learn from professional instructors, not from other students. Ms. Wolpert distributed a 60-page document advocating a dance degree program. Ms. Wolpert ran out of time, and Mr. Chapel invited her to finish the presentation at the May 20, 1999 meeting.

Respectfully submitted by:
Sagé Blaska
On this 18th day of May, 1999


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