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Board of Visitors' Resolution

The following is excerpted from the public minutes of the University of Virginia Board of Visitors’ meeting May 29-30, 1998.  The entire document can be accessed at: http://www.virginia.edu/bov/meetings/98may/minutes.html


Saturday, May 30, 1998

            The following resolution was adopted:

            WHEREAS, the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, The Honorable James S. Gilmore, III, at the 1998 Final Exercised, publicly recognized the leadership of Our President, John T. Casteen, III, in making the University of Virginia the number one public University in the United States; and

            WHEREAS, Our President has developed, implemented, and led the most successful Capital Campaign ever among public universities and has raised more than $700 million to date, in record time; and

            WHEREAS, Our President, in his 1998 State of the University Address, articulated a vision for the continuation and extension of academic excellence at the University into the 21st century, predicated upon a four-part initiative that will (1) rededicate the University’s commitment to the basic sciences; (2) establish an “arts precinct” on the Grounds as a means of reinvigorating the University’s creative community; (3) expand the University’s international programs; and (4) commit the University to increased public service and outreach to the Commonwealth;

            NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia add their acknowledgement to that of Our Governor in recognizing the central role that Our President has played in leading the University to its current position as the number one public university in the United States; and

            FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Rector and Visitors of the University extend their heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to the President for this significant accomplishment, and pledge to him Our support in the years to come in sustaining this high level of academic excellence; and

            FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Rector and Visitors express our full confidence in Our President to successfully complete the ongoing Capital Campaign, and encourage all alumni and friends of the University to come forward and assist Our President in achieving the historic goal we have set for him, to wit, to raise $1 billion by the end of the year 2000; and

            FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Rector and Visitors concur in the vision of academic excellence articulated by Our President in his 1998 State of the University Address, and charge him to execution for each of the four above-described initiatives, with the expectation and understanding that our intent is for him to lead the University toward implementation of these initiatives concurrently and to continue beyond the completion of the Capital Campaign.


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