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September 18, 1998
All-University Planning Retreat Attendees

Ackerly, John Rector, Board of Visitors
Albertson, John Assistant Professor, Environmental Science
Allen, Michael Student Member, Board of Visitors
Ayers, Edward Hugh P. Kelly Professor, History Department
Bass, Elizabeth Co-Chair, Madison House Board of Directors
Bell, Jason Assistant to the President, Madison Hall
Block, Gene Vice President for Outreach and Public Service
Bloomfield, Louis Professor, Physics Department
Boeschenstein, Warren Associate Dean of Architecture
Boissevain, Joy Program Coordinator, Center for Mind and Human Interaction
Brown, Don Chair of Systems Engineering
Brydges, David Professor of Mathematics
Burris, Gordon Special Assistant to the President, Madison Hall
Canevari, Robert Dean of Students, Peabody Hall
Capone, Colette Vice President for Management and Budget
Carey, Robert M.D. Dean, School of Medicine
Casteen, John T., III President, Madison Hall
Chapel, Robert Chair of Drama
Chevalier, Roger Professor of Astronomy
Clark, Champ Member, Board of Visitors
Collins, Richard Professor of Architecture
Collins, Virginia Assistant to the President, Madison Hall
Cronin, Amy Assistant to the President, Madison Hall
Cross, Jason Chief Financial Officer, Student Council
Curtis-Fawley, Sarah Co-Chair, Resident Staff
Davie, Sharon Director, Women’s Center
DeMong, Richard Professor and Director, Center for Financial Services
Detmer, Don Senior Vice President, Professor of Surgery
Dotson, Bruce Chair of Architecture
Dudley, Louise Director of University Relations
Dunn III, Wendell Professor of Business Administration, Executive Director, Darden School
Eder, Sam President, La Sociedad Latina, Student Council Office
Ehnbom, Daniel Director of South Asian Studies
Englehard, Carolyn Health Policy Coordinator, Virginia Health Policy Center
Ern, Ernest Senior Vice President, Development Office
Fitzgerald, Charles Associate Vice President and Director for Development
Flack, Ron Mechanical/Aerospace/Nuclear Engineering
Foard, Howard President, Student Council
Fowler, Michael Commonwealth Professor, Chairman, Physics Department
Friedman, Leah President, Class of 1999
Friesen, Otto Chairman, Biology Department
Fry, Joan Assistant to the President, Madison Hall
Gallagher, Thomas Professor of Physics
Galloway, James Chair, Environmental Sciences
Garbee, Kelty National Organization for Women Representative
Garber, Nicholas Chair of Civil Engineering
Gilliam, Alexander Secretary to the Board of Visitors
Goedde, Lawrence Chair of Art
Grainger, Robert Professor of Biology
Grayson, Leslie Isidore Horween Research Professor of Internationl Business
Greene, Jamie Membership Coordinator, University Union
Harmon, Beverly Assistant Dean – Student Affairs, Law School
Harmon, William Vice President for Student Affairs
Hendrix, Cole HSC Associate Vice Provost, Community Relations
Hewlett, Erik Associate Dean for Research, Internal Medicine
Higgins, Holly President, College Advisory Board
Holt, Karen Director, Equal Opportunity Programs
Hudak, Brian Vice Chair for Trials, University Judiciary Committee
Hudson, Dave Vice Provost for Research
Jeffries, John Associate Dean, Professor of Law
Jesser, William Chair, Material Science and Engineering
Jolley, Betty Assistant to Vice President and Provost, Health Sciences Center
Kane, Catherine Associate Professor of Nursing
Kehoe, William Professor of Commerce
Kelsh, Laurie Executive Assistant to the President, Madison Hall
Kennan, James Associate Vice President, Health Sciences Center
Kernahan, Dennis Special Consultant to Vice President for Research and Public Service
Kinnard, Judith Chair of Architecture
Kirwan, Dennis Chair of Chemical Engineering
Kretsinger, Robert Professor of Biology
Kumar, Pirya Vice Chair for Sanctions, University Judiciary Committee
Lacosse, Jann Faculty Consultant, Teaching Resource Center
Lancaster, Jeannette Dean of Nursing
Lee, Jen Shih Chair of Biomedical Engineering
Leffler, Melvyn Dean of Arts and Sciences
Leffler, Phyllis Director of Institute for Public History
Lim, David Third Year Council
Lucy, William Associate Dean for Academics, Architecture School
MacDonald, Timothy Chair of Chemistry
McClure, Polley Vice President for Information Technology and Communication
McClymonds, Marita Associate Chair of Music
McDonough, William Dean of Architecture
Menaker, Shirley Associate Provost for Academic Support and Classroom Management
Miller, Sam Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs
Moomaw, Edmund Executive Director for Institutional Assessment and Studies
Nelson, Nicole Co-Chair, Black Fraternal Council
Norris, Pamela Assistant Professor
O’Connell, Robert Chair of Astronomy
Park, Al President, Inter-Fraternity Council
Parshall, Brian Chair of Mathematics
Ramazani, Jahan Professor of English
Reynolds, Roger Vice President for Health Sciences
Richardson, Frederick Professor of Chemistry
Rose, Timothy Chief Operating Officer
Rosenberg, Elissa Chair, Landscape Architecture
Ross, Terence Member, Board of Visitors
Sandridge, Leonard Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Schnatterly, Steve Vice Provost for Graduate Studies
Shek, Yen President of Asian Student Union
Simmons, Tameka Co-Chair, Black Fraternal Council
Skalak, Thomas Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Smith, David Associate Chairman, Environmental Sciences
Snyder, Edward Dean, Darden School
Soudek, Ingrid Associate Professor and Chair, SEAS – Division of TCC
Stallard, Sondra Dean of Continuing Education
Stankovic, Jack Chair of Engineering, Computer Science
Syer, John Executive Director, Alumni Association
Theriault, Rene Vice Chair, Honor Committee
Thomas, John Director, Weldon Cooper Center
Thornton, Kathy Professor, Engineering and Applied Science
Turner, Richard Dean of African-American Affairs
Turner, Taz Vice President, Administration
Twohy, Elizabeth Member, Board of Visitors
Van Groll, Theo Acting Director of International Programs
Wadley, Hayden Professor, Engineering and Applied Science
Warthen, Benjamin Member, Board of Visitors
Watson, Linda Director, Health Sciences Library
Weaver, Alfred Professor, Computer Science
Werhane, Patricia Rufin Professor of Bussiness Ethics
Williams, Michael M.D. Division Head, Internal Medicine-Hematology
Wilson, Richard Architectural History
Wilson, Stephen Professor and Associate Chair
Wood, William Executive Director, Sorensen Institute
Zeithaml, Carl Dean, McIntire School of Commerce


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