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Senior Leadership Meeting December 15, 1998 -- Remarks
Anita Jones
Science and Technology Planning Commission

  • JTC stressed dialogue – that’s an important building block for this commission.
  • In a nutshell, we will create a plan to attain further excellence in science and engineered technology.
  • In science and technology, change is prevalent. New discoveries are changing the face of individual sciences.
  • Change is on a decade by decade basis.
  • Research has become very competitive business.
  • Our work will include:
    1. Looking at who we are and what we have done.
    2. Learning from the best, but crafting a set of principles on which the University can achieve excellence in ways no one else has.
  • One challenge will be sustaining funding for the initiatives.
  • It will be necessary to have a plan to sustain funding from many sources, including industry.
  • Economic realities….
  • By late spring, hope to have enunciated "Fundamental Principles" of what would make sense in guiding our work. Not specifics, but fundamentals.
  • I strongly believe we are in era of great change.
  • We have an opportunity to build something better than what we had before. We have an opportunity to educate students better, and to produce research results that lead us to a new level of achievement.
  • I also believe that given the strength of the U. S. economy, we have tremendous opportunities for funding.




DocumentsProgress ReportsMeetingsPeopleYour Comments