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Retreat Planning Outline
September 18, 1998

The University will examine these propositions in the current phase of long-range planning: science and technology; fine and performing arts; public service and outreach; and international activities.

bullet.gif (864 bytes)    Advances in science and technologies result from investment of   intellectual and financial capital by colleges and universities.

bullet.gif (176 bytes)  Our formulation of the liberal arts education, embodying all of the "useful sciences," makes the fine and performing arts central to all areas of the curriculum.

bullet.gif (176 bytes)   Universities have unique obligations to discover knowledge and to transfer it to the communities they serve.

bullet.gif (176 bytes)   Virginia’s and America’s range is global. The global perspective – in learning, in scholarship, in understanding – is as essential to today’s and tomorrow’s graduate as are critical thinking and technological competence.


The common need: to develop institutional capacity to direct change now and in the future.


Set 21st-century directions to assure excellence and innovation

Make planning data-rich and accountable in support of a culture of continuous improvement

Develop strategic priorities to discipline financial investments


Phase 1 – Set aspirations for achieving excellence

Understand how the University compares to its peers in areas of strategic interest

bullet.gif (864 bytes)  Fine and Performing Arts
bullet.gif (864 bytes)  International Activities
bullet.gif (864 bytes)  Public Service and Outreach
bullet.gif (864 bytes)  Science and Technology

Set multiple goals or directions that emphasize departmental and school actions


Phase 2 – Design a renewed University of Virginia

Quantify opportunities, strengths, barriers, trends

bullet.gif (864 bytes)  External (market) forces (trends in scholarship, funding opportunities)
bullet.gif (864 bytes)  Internal organization and culture
bullet.gif (864 bytes)  Curriculum
bullet.gif (864 bytes)  Discipline-based and Interdisciplinary scholarship and research

Plan future growth

Focus areas:
     bullet.gif (864 bytes)   Strategic priorities
     bullet.gif (864 bytes)   Size, scale, impact

Test assumptions and validate conclusions

bullet.gif (864 bytes)  Internal: faculty, students, administration, Board
bullet.gif (864 bytes)  External: academic peers, alumni, potential financial backers,  business & industry, state & federal officials


Phase 3 – Publish and implement the plan

Prioritize and schedule
   bullet.gif (864 bytes)  Program enhancement
   bullet.gif (864 bytes)  Facilities
   bullet.gif (864 bytes)  Support operations
   bullet.gif (864 bytes)  Fundraising and resource allocation
   bullet.gif (864 bytes)  Regular revision of strategic plans, annual operating plans, and  accountability mechanisms


Presented by President John T. Casteen, III at the 1998 All-University Planning Retreat


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