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October 16, 1998

  • New Web Site: Information about the planning process is now available on the Web at http://www.virginia.edu/virginia2020. Results from the September 18 All-University Planning Retreat are included. Bookmark the site for future reference and to stay informed of the planning commissions’ progress.
  • Chairs Named: Faculty members Rebecca Kneedler and Anita Jones have joined Robert Chapel as planning commission chairs. Kneedler, associate dean for academic affairs in the Curry School of Education and former chair of the Faculty Senate, will oversee the commission on public service and outreach. Jones, University professor of computer science, will lead the commission on science and engineering. Chapel, chair of the department of drama, is chairing the fine and performing arts commission. His appointment was announced at the All-University Planning Retreat on September 18. The chair of the commission on international activities will be announced in the next several weeks. To read more, go to http://www.virginia.edu/topnews/Month/casteenappts.html
  • Planning Commission members: Commission chairs are developing membership lists based on recommendations that came from many of you. Special efforts are being made to include Faculty Senate and student representation on each commission. By early November, membership of the commissions will be finalized by President Casteen in consultation with the provosts and relevant deans.
  • University Planning Council: The UPC will hold its first meeting in December. Commission chairs will present drafts of their initial work plans for discussion and action by the UPC.
DocumentsMeetingsPeopleYour Comments