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September 18, 1998

The discussion today at the All-University Planning Retreat will officially launch the strategic planning process. So far, the work has been designing the process and garnering advice from various persons within the University and without. The following notes are intended to provide context for our work today and background for those who cannot join us. Regular progress reports will come to you by e-mail. In addition, they will be published on a web site that is under development.

The vice presidents, the deans, and many faculty members were asked for advice on commission membership and leadership. Bob Chapel, professor of drama, has agreed to chair the commission on the fine and performing arts. Chairs for the other three commissions will be announced shortly.

Joseph Cronin, president emeritus of Bentley College, Elizabeth McDaniel, a senior fellow with the American Council on Education, and Robert Rosenzweig, Stanford University professor and former head of AAU, have provided advice for us as we begin this work. Donald Kennedy, president emeritus of Stanford University and professor of environmental sciences at Stanford joins us today as the opening speaker for the retreat.

Among other products, these consultants are providing introductory assessments of our issues as means to stimulate discussion within the commissions and the larger community. Ms. McDaniel has focused on international programs, and Mr. Cronin on public service and outreach. Mr. Rosenzweig and Mr. Kennedy will be our primary advisors on the strategic planning process, with an emphasis on the sciences and the arts. As papers become available. they will be distributed to you and others in the University community.

As commission chairs are named, they will organize the membership of their commissions, using the names you have suggested, and develop their work plans.

A project management team will provide logistical support and coordinate research, communications, decision support, and analysis for the commissions. Team members are Polley McClure, vice president and chief information officer; Robert Sweeney, vice president for development; Louise Dudley, director of university relations; and Laurie Kelsh, executive assistant to the president and chief of staff.

Denise Karaoli is the staff director for this project. She reports to Ms. Kelsh to support the commissions and the overall planning process. Ms. Karaoli's office is in Madison Hall.

Information about the planning process, including results from the retreat, is posted regularly at this web site.


DocumentsMeetingsPeopleYour Comments