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International Activities Planning Commission Agenda

March 25, 1999  8:30-10  Peabody 106

The main purpose of this meeting is to discuss the initial activities of the 5 taskgroups, and to prepare to move toward a general discussion of directions for further research and activities for next year.

Given the limitations of time, discussion of each task group should be estricted to ten minutes.


  • Introduction of Carol Wood, Bill Dorrill
  • Update on the conference

- Dates

- Participants

  • Meeting times for next year:

- 3rd Thursday of the month?

- 8:00-9:30 or 8:30-10:00

  • Report on the 22 March senior leadership meeting

- My report

- Reports of other commissions

  • Further ethereal activities

- Targets for upcoming 22 April meeting

- Task groups

- Mission statement


#1 UVA students and faculty abroad-Julie Novak
#2 Internationalizing the curriculum-Tico Braun
#3 International students and scholars at UVA- Duane Osheim
#4 Institutional cooperation-Bob Johnson
#5 Organization of international activities-Courtland Lee


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