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International Activities Planning Commission
Thursday, August 26, 8:00-9:30
Commonwealth Room

Note: All-Commission reception, Friday 17 September, 4-6 at Carr's Hill

Old business

International Living and Learning Center

Report on field trips
July--USIA visit John Woodworth
(other participants: Allen Lynch, Nancy Faux, Steve Schnatterly, Brantly Womack)
August--AED Global Higher Education Conference Brantly Womack
August--Duke University Bill Quandt and Nat Howell

Report on metrics research
Metrics in general
Aspiration groups
Relationship of metrics to our eventual recommendations

Report on the conference
Relationship to the Commission

Our tasks this year
Getting beyond the Commission: collecting ideas and opinions, building ad hoc committees on specific proposals.
Formulating feasible projects and goals in each of the task group areas
Presenting a coherent and persuasive general report next semester

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