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Brantly Womack
3 March, 2000

Thoughts on Leadership in International Activities for Next Year
Revised draft

In general: International activities are a diffuse responsibility and a novel area of attention for the University of Virginia. Therefore it is crucial that our efforts in this area have strong and effective leadership, not only eventually, but also in order begin the process of turning the enthusiasm of planning into action. We therefore propose an Interim Vice Provost for International Activities to chair the International Activities Committee in 2000-01 and to begin to build an office staff for implementation and development. The Interim Vice Provost would have primary responsibility for the administration of a significant incentive budget, with the advice of the IAC, and would undertake the coordination and encouragement of all aspects of the University's international activities. We also expect that a search would be conducted for a Vice Provost for International Activities whose term would begin in Fall 2001.

Why an Interim Vice Provost for International Activities? Next year will be a pivotal year for international activities at UVA. If we look like we know what we are doing and are moving ahead, we can accomplish three things: we can maintain and develop the momentum that has already been created, we can impress the vice provostial candidates with our potential and hence attract the best talent, and last but not least we can actually get a few things done.

For this we need a highly respected academic with experience in international activities, and the University needs to acknowledge the importance of this function of interim leadership. Next year will see the establishment of the International Activities Committee, the beginning of implementation of new initiatives, and the expansion of the International Studies Office. Progress in these areas will not tie the hands of an incoming permanent administrator; on the contrary, lack of progress would face the new arrival with acute crises.

So the function of leadership next year is to begin to do what the Vice Provost for International Activities will continue to do. Therefore the most appropriate name for the position would be Interim Vice Provost for International Activities (IVP).

What would the IVP do? The IVP would have general responsibility for encouraging and coordinating international activities at UVA. Specifically, it would: 1)organize and chair the International Activities Committee; 2)manage a sizable incentive budget with the advice of the Committee; 3)be an active force in all aspects of international activities, including next year's special tasks of establishing the International Residential College, expansion of International Studies Office, planning the Foreign Language Quarter, and so forth; 4)begin to formulate development goals and strategies; 5)be the spokesperson and public face for international activities.

Why an incentive budget? Many of the ideas of the International Activities Planning Commission point to categories of activities in which faculty need to be encouraged to come up with specific proposals. Part of the incentive budget could be devoted to funding proposal development in such areas as study abroad. Part of it could be used to fund research in areas that appear attractive. Another use would be as co-funding to encourage projects by other units, though this may not get started in the first year.

What staffing would this require? Unlike planning, which could make do with no office and haphazard staffing, the IVP would require a very competent administrative assistant, a real office with a high OTPS budget, especially for travel, and a development person. The IVP must function as a regular administrative office, and its facilities and personnel should be expected to transfer to the VP. So the best thing to do would be to bite the bullet on the basics this coming year so that things will be in place and running for the following year.

The AA will have many interesting things to do and would thereby triple the effectiveness of the IVP.

A development person is necessary both to begin the work of development in this area and to secure an autonomous niche of priorities and targets in the general scheme of development. Ideally this person would be on the budget of the IVP and later the VP, since it is an essential function of the office, but perhaps Development would pay for it.

Since there will be tasks that require sustained research, gathering of materials, and gophering, there is a need for 20 hours of research assistance.

The IVP's office will be the first thing that the VP candidates imagine themselves occupying, so it should not be shorted.

With a large committee to chair the office expenses will be large, and the IVP and its designates can be expected to do an inordinate amount of relatively expensive traveling.

What compensation should the IVP receive? This would be an internal appointment, so let us assume that the candidate is on a nine-month academic contract. The IVP should get a half-time reduction in teaching to help create the time necessary for the position, and should receive a month's summer salary for August 2000 for preparatory work and two month's salary in summer 2001 for deferred compensation and transitional work. The IVP's department should receive money to hire a temporary substitute, figured at $6000/course in Arts & Sciences, therefore $12,000 for the year.

 What will this cost? Here is a ballpark estimate.

Incentive budget: $100,000

This should rise sharply since many projects are multi-year and expensive items such as line co-funding are not contemplated for next year.

IVP Summer salary = 3months = 1/3 salary. If $100,000, then $33,000

Department compensation $12,000

Administrative assistant $50,000

Development person (paid for by Development?) $70,000

20 hours research assistance $20,000

OTPS $25,000

Total: $310,000


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