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International Activities Planning Commission

Meeting Minutes

March 25, 1999

Attendees: Brantly Womack, Tico Braun, Robert Conroy, William Dorrill, Daniel Ehnbom, Les Grayson, Richard Guerrant, Janet Horne, Nathaniel Howell, William Jackson, Robert Johnson, Denise Karaoli, Courtland Lee, Thomas Massaro, Jon Mikalson, Farzaneh Milani, Barbara Nolan, Julie Novak, Duane Osheim, William Quandt, Len Schoppa, Theo van Groll, John Woodworth, Desiree Chia-Wen Yang

Also in Attendance: Carol Wood, Chris Roper, John Froitzheim

Meeting Summary:

This was the Commission’s third meeting. The focus of the meeting was report- outs from the five task groups assigned the major work of the Commission. Task Group 1 reported on faculty/student international experiences. They reported on health insurance issues for students and faculty traveling abroad, a departmental analysis of international programs and program process approval, and promotion of international studies. Task Group 2 reported on internationalizing the curriculum. It is this group’s sense that the UVA undergraduate and graduate levels are in many ways deeply international. They felt it is important to obtain information about what exists, what our strengths and weaknesses are in various fields, what might be created, and what ought to be improved. Task Group 3 reported on support for foreign students and scholars. Their agenda is to investigate systematically the experience of foreign students and scholars in order to ease their entry in the Academical Village and to facilitate their academic and professional goals. Task Group 4 reported on a framework for talking about institutional agreements in connection with the development of the international mission of the University. Task Group 5 reported on the coordination of international activities at the University. The group posed a number of questions to be considered in establishing institutional/administrative structures to support the University’s activities. Each group report stimulated lively discussion.

Pending Action Items:

The task groups will continue their work. The goal is for the Commission to develop targets for next year and begin to develop components for a mission statement.

Next Commission Meeting: Thursday April 22, 8:30-10:00, Newcomb Hall 389.


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