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International Commission
April 13, 2000.

Introduction: Professor Womack began the final formal meeting of the IAPC by noting each of the documents distributed to the Commissioners: a draft of IAPC’s final report, Task Group 4’s report on institutional arrangements, a summary of statistics concerning study abroad and an IAPC mission statement. The remainder of the meeting was dedicated primarily to discussing the draft final report to be submitted to President Casteen’s office.

After reiterating the importance of producing a report with clearly stated priorities, the Commissioners re-emphasized its two top commitments. The first is to establish a position for a Vice Provost for International Affairs. This position is seen as critical to the institutionalization of the University’s commitment to integrated, dynamic leadership in all aspects of internationalization. A Vice Provost would help create an environment conducive to entrepreneurial activities and would help serve as a focal point for fundraising. The second position is to significantly increase resources to the International Study Office (ISO) in order to reach a goal of sending 80 percent of all undergraduates on study abroad programs. Professor Womack noted that the data now available shows that there is clear interest in study abroad, further reinforcing the need for an office with greater capacity.

Other Commissioners also offered suggestions regarding secondary priorities. These included resources to expand and coordinate the curriculum and to transform the English as a Second Language (ESL) program into an Institute for American Language and Culture that would include a special summer institute.

Following a variety of suggestions and clarifications, the Commissioners agreed that the final product should include a strategy paper as well as a detailed final report summarizing task group suggestions. In order to retain the momentum of the IAPC while not losing a sense of UVA’s current lack of resources, the paper will first address a vision of UVA in the future should the IAPC’s recommendations be approved. To convey a sense of UVA’s shortcomings, and its status relative to peer institutions, the paper will then recap where UVA currently stands on the key issues. Finally, the paper will close with a section of targeted recommendations about how UVA can move from its current to its envisioned status to be competitive with other institutions. Each Task Group’s full report will be included in the final assemblage of IAPC materials.

In order to facilitate the production of the strategy papers, Professor Womack and the Task Group chairs will meet on Tuesday, April 25. All Commissioners are asked to submit comments on circulating draft documents via e-mail to Professor Womack.

Finally, Professor Womack announced that the last gathering of the IAPC would be at his home on May 12 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


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