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International Activities Planning Commission
Meeting Minutes
April 22, 1999

Attendees: Brantly Womack, Chair, Tico Braun, Gordon Burris, Bill Dorrill, Kandioura Drame, Daniel Ehnbom, Les Grayson, Dick Guerrant, Janet Horne, Nat Howell, William Jackson, Denise Karaoli, David LaRue, Courtland Lee, Allen Lynch, David Martin, Barbara Nolan, Julie Novak, Duane Osheim, William Quandt, Len Schoppa, Theo van Groll, John Woodworth, Desiree Chia-Wen Yang

Also in Attendance: Yitna Firdyiwek, Chris Roper, John Froitzheim, Carol Wood

Chair Brantly Womack began by introducing Yitna Firdyiwek from ITC who then explained his role and the technological services available to the Commission.

Faculty Survey. Womack gave an update on the recent survey of faculty international activities conducted by the Development Office. There were 160 responses to the survey. Womack reported that have been some problems converting the raw survey data into an interpretable format.

Fall Conference. Womack gave an update on the fall conference. The conflict with the Board of Visitors meeting has been worked out and the conference will take place Thursday and Friday October 14 and 15. The Board of Visitors will be invited to the conference.

International Living and Learning Center. Theo Van Groll gave an update on the progress of a possible International Living and Learning Center. A report from an ad hoc committee on the feasibility of such a center will be forthcoming.

Rankings of International Students, Scholars and Students Abroad. Womack reviewed with the Commission data on international students, scholars and students abroad for US colleges and universities compiled by the Institute of International Education. UVa’s rankings are:

  • Number of foreign scholars: 55th
  • Foreign student enrollment: 155th
  • Students studying abroad: 35th

Mission Statement on International Activities. Womack presented the Commission with notes on the relationship of international activities to UVA’s Statement of Purpose and Goals.

Task Group Reports. The five task groups then presented reports of their work. These reports can be found in the materials section from the April 22, 1999 meeting on the web at:


Key Issue:

The Commission discussed ways that SCOLA could be made accessible to the entire University.

Pending Action Items:

At the next Commission meeting issues to be addressed next year will be discussed. In addition a general mission statement and specific task group missions will be developed.

Next Commission Meeting: Thursday May 6, 1999 8:30-10:00, Peabody Hall 106.



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