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Public Service and Outreach Planning Commission
October 6, 1999, Meeting Agenda
389 Newcomb Hall

I. Where We Are and Where We’re Going

A. Benchmarking and Aspiration Institutions

1. Conferences and Workshops

2. Surveys, Interviews, and Literature Reviews

3. Reporting Methods to Commission Members

B. Emerging Recommendations

1. Reports from Strategic Planning and Faculty Rewards Exploratory Groups contain recommendations that require measure of consensus from Commission.

2. Updates to and Input from External Audiences including local and statewide citizens, alumni, students, legislators, faculty, administrators, Board of Visitors members, and staff in many areas (special tasks with development staff, technology staff, and communications staff).

II. Exploratory Group Report on Administrative Structures and Resources -- discussion led by Carolyn Engelhard

III. Next Full Commission Meeting -- November 3, 1999 (NOTE: No additional October meeting)

Agenda for the next meeting will be a report from the Exploratory Group on Volunteer Service led by John Echeverri-Gent and a measure of Commission consensus on action recommendations from first two reports (I B.1. item above).

IV. Announcements

DocumentsMeetingsCommission MembersPresident's Home PageYour Comments