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Public Service and Outreach
Wednesday, November 17, Noon
389 Newcomb Hall

Meeting Agenda


  1. Status Report & Winter Tasks

I have attached a document I was asked to prepare for a December workshop with President Casteen, the vice presidents, deans, and other university leadership regarding the progress of our commission's work. This report reflects the work of our exploratory groups, commission meetings, informal focus groups, and additional information provided by our consultants and our research.  As you read it, please do so with a dual purpose: (1) your input to shape the report, and (2) your selection of task(s) for January-March. Please note there are specified tasks in section II and III of the report. We will need every member of the commission contributing her or his time in order to complete our work by summer 2000.

  1. Further Focus on One Benchmark

As we noted at the last meeting, we are reviewing in greater detail 5-7 universities to determine if we need further study, visits from them to us, or visits by us to them. Toward that goal, Laura Hawthorne will lead a discussion on UNC-Chapel Hill to see if this approach is helpful to you in making these decisions. 

  1. Brief Followup on the Exploratory Group Reports led by John Echeverri-Gent and Robert Hull.
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