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Public Service & Outreach Commission
Newcomb Hall 389, 12:00 – 2:30
May 15, 2000


We were delayed in getting this draft to you due to differences among us about how best to organize our potential recommendations. What we are sending you is a compilation of all recommendations that have emerged from many different places (exploratory group reports, commission meetings, benchmarking research, etc.). Before we cluster, connect, and organize our strategies around a powerful, conceptual framework linking back to our vision and goals, we want to find out which recommendations the commission is committed to endorse.

There are 39 strategies in this draft, but several are competing or incompatible with each other, so I would predict that 10-20 will survive in some form to the final report. Here is your chance to support, question, embellish, or delete strategies (as well as add others).

  1. Read the attached draft. Our discussions will be focused on the strategies beginning on page 4.
  2. Do not wordsmith.
  3. Do not critique the organizational structure or the sequence of strategies at this stage. They will change based on which recommendations are supported by the commission.
  4. You may add new recommendations (this is your last chance).
  5. Ignore the names that are attached to certain strategies.
  6. As a result of multiple writers, some recommendations have more detail or different language than others. We'll balance and smooth everything out once we know what is in and what is out.
  7. If possible, send me the following list before our meeting:

(1) Strategies you ENDORSE.
(2) Strategies you REJECT.
(3) Strategies you want to modify or discuss.


DocumentsMeetingsCommission MembersPresident's Home PageYour Comments