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Public Service and Outreach Commission
University of Virginia
May 19, 1999, Meeting Agenda
Newcomb Hall


8:30 -- 10:30 AM Exploratory Groups Work in Break-Out Rooms

1. Toward a University-Wide Strategic Plan -- South Meeting Room

Hal Burbach
Laura Hawthorne
Jim Kennan
Dennis Kernahan
Hal Kolb
Nancy Rivers
Ken Schwartz
Karin Wittenborg

2. Public Relations & Communication -- Board Room

Louise Dudley
Doris Glick
Dee Irwin
David Kalergis
Anne Oplinger
Mark Reisler
John Thomas
Others To Be Named?

3. Administrative Structures & Resources -- Room 389

Gene Block
Ben Boggs
Carolyn Engelhard
Ed Kitch
Rebecca Kneedler
Jay Lemons
Sondra Stallard

4. Volunteer Service -- Commonwealth Room

Virginia Collins
John Echeverri-Gent
Cindy Fredrick
Nancy Gansneder
Frank Griffiths
Dolly Prenzel
Maunank Shah
Jack Syer
Les Williams

5. Reward Structures for Faculty Service -- Commonwealth Room

Rich Demong
Betsy Flanagan
Robert Hull
Marcus Martin
Bob Novak
Kathy Thornton
Others To Be Named?

10:40 -- 12:15 PM Groups Share Goals, Approaches, and Workplans for Summer and Fall

Dates to Note:

1. Next Meeting of Full Commission -- Wednesday, May 19, 1999, 8:30-10:00 AM.

2. Penn State Conference on Outreach and Public Service -- October 10-12, 1999.

We are planning to send a group from our Commission to this conference to gather information and participate in selected sessions. Please let me know by June 1 if you are able to join us. For further information about the conference, see their web site at:


3. Duke/UNC-Chapel Hill Site Visits -- September, 1999.

Two excellent benchmarks are within ten miles of each other and are a reasonable driving time from Charlottesville (3-4 hours). We are planning to send a group from our Commission this fall to gather information from these institutions. Please let me know by June 1 if you are interested and we will try to find dates that work for the greatest number of us.


DocumentsMeetingsCommission MembersPresident's Home PageYour Comments