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Public Service and Outreach Planning Commission

Meeting Minutes

February 24, 1999



Rebecca Kneedler (chair), Harold Burbach, Richard DeMong, John Echeverri-Gent, Caroline Engelhard, Doris Glick, David Kalergis, James Kennan, Edmund Kitch, Anne Oplinger, Mark Reisler, Kenneth Schwartz, Sondra Stallard, John Thomas, Kathryn Thornton, Karin Wittenborg, Sage Blaska, Ben Boggs, Virginia Collins, Laura Hawthorne, Denise Karaoli, Nancy Nicoletto Rivers

Guests: Joseph M. Cronin, Jane Sjogren


Meeting summary:

This meeting, the second of the Public Service and Outreach Planning Commission, was largely devoted to a presentation from Joe Cronin and Jane Sjogren, consultants to the commission. Ms. Kneedler reminded members that Mr. Cronin and Ms. Sjogren are available to the commission as resources. She also reiterated that PS&O Commission meetings are open, and others are welcome to attend.

Mr. Cronin and Ms. Sjogren gave a broad overview of public service as part of a university’s mission and shared observations about U.Va.’s efforts in this area. Topics included: Putting Public Service in Context; The Historical Context; Types of Service; University Public Service; Supporting Public Service; Evaluating Faculty Public Service; Providing Public Service and Outreach; Collaborating to Provide Public Service; Choosing and Evaluating Public Service Endeavors; and Recognizing Public Service.

The presentation stimulated further discussion of what public service encompasses, what U.Va. already is doing well, and what needs improvement or expansion. There was agreement that it is important for the commission to develop a working definition of public service and outreach, but to maintain flexibility and not lock in to a single definition at this time. The definition also should incorporate change. It was also agreed that determining appropriate models or benchmarks would not necessarily rest on individual institutions but instead on programmatic aspects of several institutions (for example, one institution may excel at distance learning while another excels at public sector consortia). Recognizing how staggering a detailed inventory of all PS&O activities would be to undertake and publish, one member suggested the need for "an accurate impression with an order of magnitude." Discussion also included the University’s relationship and reputation with citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Holding sessions with key people, including legislators, in Richmond and other strategic parts of the state was discussed as one viable means of assessing our PS&O efforts and determining where improvements are needed.

More detailed notes regarding this meeting can be found here.


Actions to be taken:

  • Refine e-mail list for "HeadlineNEWS." Some members are receiving three copies (Denise Karaoli/Carol Wood).
  • Be prepared to refine definition of public service and outreach at next meeting: March 10, 8:30 a.m., Newcomb Hall Room 389.



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