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Public Service and Outreach Planning Commission

University of Virginia

9/8/99 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Bennett Boggs, Harold Burbach, Virginia Collins, Richard DeMong, Louise Dudley, John Echeverri-Gent, Carolyn Engelhard, Doris Glick, Laura Hawthorne, Robert Hull, David Kalergis, Denise Karaoli, James Kennan, Edmund Kitch, Rebecca Kneedler, Marcus Martin, Robert Novack, Anne Oplinger, Clorissa Phillips, Dolly Prenzel, Mark Reisler, Michele Ritter, Nancy Nicoletto Rivers, Kenneth Schwartz, Sondra Stallard, Jack Syer, Kathryn Thornton, Karin Wittenborg, Ida Lee Wootten, Penny Rue


  1. Introductions, Re-Introductions, and Announcements. Reminder of President Casteen's reception September 17 from 4:00-6:00 at Carr's Hill.
  2. What Has Been Done
    1. Inventory of Public Service Programs -- Laura Hawthorne presented an index of the nearly 300 programs identified thus far as part of public service and outreach at the University of Virginia. Included with this index is a list of programs that each serves more than 1,000 members of our communities each year.
    2. New Public Service Web Site -- Laura Hawthorne introduced the beginning stage of an ongoing, centralized mechanism for gathering and making available data about programs and resources for our publics. She led the Commission in a discussion about content selection and format.
    3. Exploratory Group Work -- Rebecca Kneedler reported that our groups are at different stages in "exploring" the five areas of Public Relations and Communication, Administrative Structures and Resources, Volunteer Service, Reward Structures for Faculty Service, and a University-Wide Strategic Plan. Group overviews will be presented at our next two meetings (September 22 and October 6).
  1. Plan for the Fall & Beyond--Rebecca Kneedler presented the following information:
    1. Penn State Conference -- At this time, seven of our Commission members are planning to attend this October 10-12 conference to increase and update our knowledge both about national trends and specific institutional practices occurring elsewhere.
    2. Exploratory Group Evolution -- Each group will not require the same time to "explore" their issues given the differences in scope and approaches. Two or three groups may transform themselves in mid-fall into "Action" groups around tasks of benchmarking, conference planning, or others to be determined.
    3. Emerging Recommendations -- We are seeing consensus around certain areas to be addressed by this Commission in the coming months. Some of these result from actions that have been taken in the past couple of years to improve the accessibility and coordination of public service and outreach at this University. A sample of these future tasks are the following:

--- Define mission and organization of the Office of Vice President for Research & Public Service

--- Define relationship of Continuing Education to other units of the University

--- Define roles and responsibilities in the Office of Community Relations

--- Develop a University-wide model for coordinating and delivering outreach services to K-12 schools

--- Develop a University-wide model for partnerships with local and state government entities

--- Develop a University-wide model for coordinating and communicating student, staff, and faculty volunteer services

--- Develop an aggressive communication plan that builds on the factual and consistent theme of UVA and service

--- Develop a plan for the establishment of endowed chairs in public service at all schools in the University working with the Vice President for Development and his staff

--- Develop a plan for faculty events and honors to recognize outstanding public service similar to those already established to recognize outstanding teaching

  1. Rebecca Kneedler presented the following timelines & targets
    1. Fall, 1999 --- Exploratory Groups continue study of UVA and benchmark institutions to create action recommendations. Preliminary recommendations are targeted for January 2000.
    2. Spring, 2000 --- Continuing to use focus groups, site visits and other methods of participation for both external and internal populations, we will create strategies for the implementation of our recommendations. Recommendations with implementation strategies are targeted for September 2000.
    3. Fall, 2000 --- Special public events that may include conferences with other Virginia universities and community colleges, partnerships with Virginia citizens in other parts of the Commonwealth, and activities in the local community will be held. A secondary purpose of these events will be to mark the grand finale for the Commission in its present form, and to publicize the Commission's recommended actions.


The meeting was adjourned.


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