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Public Service and Outreach Planning Commission

Meeting Minutes

February 10, 1999


Rebecca Kneedler (chair), Richard DeMong, John Echeverri-Gent, Caroline Englehard, Doris Glick, Robert Hull, David Kalergis, Edmund Kitch, Mark Reisler, Kenneth Schwartz, Sondra Stallard, John Thomas, Karin Wittenborg, Ben Boggs, Virginia Collins, Laura Hawthorne, Denise Karaoli, Dolly Prenzel, Nancy Nicoletto Rivers

Meeting summary:

This was the first meeting of the Public Service and Outreach Planning Commission. Rebecca Kneedler reviewed the commission’s charge and tasks, outlining three major areas of work to be accomplished over the next 18 months: conducting an inventory of what the University currently is doing; identifying benchmarks and aspiration groups for strengthening our efforts in public service and outreach; and completing a written report with recommendations for action steps, strategies, and investments to be made in PS&O. A discussion ensued of what PS&O really encompasses. A number of valid questions and points were raised as commission members addressed the scope of their work. One definition of PS&O was: "Maximizing the relevance or benefit of research and education programs to the community." Ms. Kneedler encouraged everyone to continue thinking of how PS&O is defined, with the goal of determining parameters for a definition at the next meeting.

Discussion topics:

  • Roles of members and ex-officio members
  • Commission’s charge and key tasks
  • Support, reward systems for PS&O
  • Communication about current successes vs. establishing new directions
  • Defining PS&O from institution’s and individual’s viewpoint
  • Categories of PS&O
  • Examples of PS&O already in place at University

Actions to be taken:

  • Members should read "Public Service and the University of Virginia," a report prepared by educational consultants Joseph Cronin and Jane Sjogren. Mr. Cronin and Ms. Sjogren will make a presentation at the commission’s next meeting: February 24, 8:30 a.m., Newcomb Hall Room 389.
  • Members should continue thinking about the definition of PS&O and be prepared to determine parameters for a definition at the next meeting.

More detailed notes regarding this meeting are here.


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