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To the College faculty in science departments:
To the SEAS faculty:
To the School of Medicine faculty:

The Virginia 2020 Science and Technology Commission cordially invites you to participate in a (separate) discussion of each of the focus area initiatives that are proposed in the Commission's recently published report.

The objective of these meetings is to explore faculty interest in various possible aspects of the focus area and to discuss how UVa might build world class programs in these areas. These meetings are exploratory. We want to ask: How should we structure implementation plans? What should we do sooner? Later? What would give us an edge in building truly excellent research and education programs in these areas?

Three meetings are scheduled:

Biodifferentiation -- Dec. 5 in Newcomb Hall 168, 4 pm -6:30
Convener: Ariel Gomez

Information Initiative -- Dec. 7 in the Rotunda Dome Room, 4 pm -6:30
Conveners: Anita Jones and Kevin Sullivan (Note that there will be a follow-on meeting to discuss bridge centers with a wider audience)

Quantum and Nanoscale Science & Engrg. -- Dec. 8 in Newcomb Hall 168, 4:30-6:30 Conveners: Hadyn Wadley and Bob Jones

I hope that you will attend if you have any interest. The more contributors the better….

--Anita Jones

PS: If you cannot attend and want to be informed about any follow-on meetings, or receive a synopsis of discussion at any of these meetings, then please send email to Ms. Peggy Reed at pr9b@virginia.edu.


DocumentsMeetingsCommission MembersPresident's Home PageYour Comments