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Science & Technology Commission

Meeting Minutes
January 26, 1999


Attendees: Anita Jones (chair), David Allis, Janis Antonovics, John Bean, Don Brown, Suzanne Farnsworth, Ian Harrison, George Hornberger, Jack Hudson, Stephanie Johnson, Bob Jones, Dick Merrill, Sally Parsons, Dennis Proffitt, Tom Skalak, Kevin Sullivan, Dick Sundberg (ex-officio), Haydn Wadley (ex-officio). Staff: Denise Karaoli (VA 2020 project director), Amy Cronin (asst. to the president), Peggy Reed (asst. to Anita Jones).


Meeting Summary:

This was the first meeting of the S&T Commission. Ms. Jones reviewed the background of the University’s planning initiative and the charge to this commission – devising a strategy for science and technology at U.Va. that will allow the University to make substantial advancement in these areas. Objectives for commission’s work include: defining boundaries for the scope of the commission’s work; identifying characteristics that differentiate U.Va. from other institutions; benchmarking, literature review, and case studies; and establishing dialogue both inside and outside U.Va. on issues related to science and technology (i.e., possible possibly sponsor a national workshop) . She stated that the commission should initially focus on creating a document that captures the principles on which University can make strategic investments in S&T.


Discussion Topics:

  • Charge to commission, how commission will do its work
  • Commission’s objectives
  • Feedback from commission members on charge, objectives
  • Case study – MIT Dept. of Aeronautics & Astronautics


Action Items:

  • Review Don Kennedy article, Making Choices in the Research University (all members; before 2/9/99 meeting)
  • Gather data on current U.Va. S&T programs/activities (A. Jones, Cronin, Reed; for 2/9/99 meeting)
  • Consider other case studies for review (all members; before 2/9/99)


Prepared by A. Cronin


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