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Science and Technology Commission

Meeting Minutes

February 9, 1999

Attendees: Anita Jones (chair), David Allis, Janis Antonovics, John Bean, Don Brown, Suzanne Farnsworth, Ariel Gomez, Ian Harrison, John Herr, George Hornberger, Stephanie Johnson, Bob Jones, Dick Merrill, Karen Parshall, Dennis Proffitt, Tom Skalak, Kevin Sullivan, Erik Hewlett (ex-officio), Dick Sundberg (ex-officio), Haydn Wadley (ex-officio). Staff: Denise Karaoli (VA 2020 project director), Amy Cronin (asst. to the president), Peggy Reed (asst. to Anita Jones).


Meeting Summary:

The commission reviewed suggested case studies to be used in benchmarking the status and aspirations of U.Va.’s science and technology programs. The group discussed the article by Don Kennedy, Making Choices in the Research University, which addresses local versus central (i.e., departmental versus university-wide) decision-making. Commissioners discussed the various forms of recommendations that it could make – from specific areas of excellence that the University should emphasize to more sweeping changes affecting more than a small number of science and technology areas. Members of the commission seemed to agree that in order for change to occur, a coalition of the administration and faculty will need to come together to support it. The commission also discussed the relationship between teaching and research, and the University’s strength as an undergraduate teaching institution. Ms. Jones began a review of vital statistics on U.Va.’s science and technology activity, focusing in particular on the level of research funding to these areas. Additional statistics on enrollments and staffing will be discussed at a future meeting.


Discussion Topics:

  • Case studies; identified those that may be informative to U.Va.
  • Kennedy article; messages it gives to commission about its work.
  • Funding sources; note similarities between A&S, SEAS, and Medicine (non-clinical).


Action Items:

  • Assign commission members to work on case studies (A. Jones)
  • Gather data on clinical medical departments (E. Hewlett with A. Cronin)
  • Obtain federal budget information (H. Wadley)


Next Meeting:

Tuesday, February 23, 7:30-9:00 a.m., Newcomb Hall Room 389. President Casteen will attend the first hour of this meeting.

Prepared by A. Cronin -- 2/15/99


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