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Science & Technology Commission
Meeting Minutes
April 20, 1999

Attendees: Anita Jones (Chair), David Allis, Janis Antonovics, John Bean, Suzanne Farnsworth, Ariel Gomez, Ian Harrison, George Hornberger, Bob Jones, John O’Connell, Karen Parshall, Sally Parsons, Dennis Proffitt, Tom Skalak, Kevin Sullivan, Erik Hewlett (Ex-officio), Dick Sundberg (Ex-officio), Haydn Wadley (Ex-officio). Staff: Amy Cronin (Asst. to the President), Peggy Reed (Asst. to Ms. Jones), Brian Moriarity (S&T Commission graduate assistant), Sagé Blaska (Virginia 2020 Project Assistant), Jeffrey Plank (Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations), Fariss Samarrai (Science writer, University Relations).

Meeting Summary

Dr. Ariel Gomez, Chair of the Strategies Subgroup, reported on how that group will approach its work and on its anticipated end products. The primary goal is to create a process that can be used as a framework to develop and choose strategic initiatives in science and technology. The subgroup’s work will enable the commission to identify three to five initiatives that will maximize the University’s competitiveness in science and technology over the next 10-15 years. The strategies subgroup will develop a document that outlines its suggested framework.

In the course of developing these guidelines, the subgroup will:

  • Define needs, aspirations for science and technology
  • Identify University’s strengths and weaknesses in these areas
  • Conduct gap analysis comparing U.Va. to other selected institutions
  • Identify areas of excellence (or areas otherwise critical to U.Va. mission) where prudent investment will help narrow gaps
  • Examine new funding opportunities for S&T (federal, private sources)
  • Determine ways to align resources (human and capital) promptly and efficiently to achieve goals
  • Conduct cost/benefit analysis for any suggested initiatives and develop an accountability process

Discussion Topics

  • Report from Strategies Subgroup, chair – Ariel Gomez

Action Items

  • Develop model for mentoring junior faculty in re: pursuing funding opportunities (A. Jones, H. Wadley, D. Sundberg; on-going, try to have in place for fall 1999)
  • Conduct interviews with top S&T faculty who left U.Va. (A. Jones, T. Skalak, D. Allis; April-May 1999)
  • Identify potential Darden School representative for commission (A. Jones).

Next Meeting

Tuesday, May 4, 7:30-9:00 a.m., Newcomb Hall Room 389

NOTE: The commission will have one additional meeting before the end of the spring semester on Tuesday, May 18, 7:30-9:00 a.m., Newcomb Hall Room 389.


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