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Science & Technology Commission

Meeting Minutes

May 18, 1999

Attendees: Anita Jones (chair); Gary Owens; John Bean; Richard Sundberg (ex officio); Farris Samarrai; Tom Skalak; Don Brown; Eric Hewlett (ex officio); Ariel Gomez; Janis Antonovics; Ian Harrison; George Hornberger; Stephanie Johnson; Tom MacAvoy; Hadyn Wadley; Karen Parshall; Denise Karaoli (Virginia 2020 project director); Peggy Reed (Asst. to Anita Jones); Brian Moriarty (S&T Commission Graduate Student


Meeting Summary

Anita Jones announced she is hosting, at her home, an informal dialog with Bruce Alberts, President of the National Academy of Science and William Wulf, President of the National Academy of Engineering. The dialog will begin at 3:30 p.m., on June 12, with a reception to follow at 5 p.m.

Each sub-group of the committee was encouraged to work on their various tasks over the summer.

Farris Samarri asked for story ideas for and on the commission. He asked that any one with story suggestions would please get in touch with him either via e-mail or on the phone. Fariss introduced the overall communications plans for the commission.

The Board of Visitors presentation was postponed until the fall.

The Information Technology Group chair, John Bean made their presentation. Their group has expanded to include Tim Sigmon from ITC.

Tom MacAvoy from the Darden School, made a presentation about Strategic Planning.

Discussion Topics

  • Information Technology Subgroup Report
  • Presentation of Strategic Planning by Tom Mac Avoy from the Darden School

Action Steps

  • Suggestions for Story ideas for and on the commission to be made to Farris Samarri
  • Subgroups to meet over the summer

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be determined by the responses given for available days during the summer.


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