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Science & Technology Commission
Meeting Minutes
May 4, 1999

Attendees: Anita Jones (chair), David Allis, Janis Antonovics, Don Brown, Suzanne Farnsworth, John Herr, George Hornberger, Stephanie Johnson, Bob Jones, Dick Merrill, John O’Connell, Karen Parshall, Sally Parsons, Dennis Proffitt, Tom Skalak, Kevin Sullivan, Gene Block (ex officio), Jeffrey Plank (ex officio), Tim Sigmon (ex officio), Dick Sundberg (ex officio). Staff: Denise Karaoli (Virginia 2020 project director), Amy Cronin (asst. to the president), Peggy Reed (asst. to Ms. Jones), Brian Moriarity (S&T Commission graduate assistant).

Meeting Summary

Dennis Proffitt reported on the initial work of the Education Subgroup, which is examining both the undergraduate and graduate student experience. In framing the problem, the subgroup is reviewing: student recruitment; training, education, and the scholarly culture; undergraduate research involvement; student placement and career preparation; and community knowledge. The Education Subgroup also will identify apparent or perceived barriers in each of these areas, as well as strategies and tactics for overcoming the barriers and reaching goals to be established.

George Hornberger gave a report on the first meeting of the Models and Opportunities Subgroup, which is charged with reviewing exemplars of success at U.Va. and at an aspiration group of institutions, as well as identifying opportunities to enhance U.Va.’s scientific research enterprise. The subgroup will look at the University’s departmental structure, as well as interdisciplinary initiatives such as the Academic Enhancement Program (AEP). The subgroup also is developing criteria for selecting and reviewing external models.

The Models and Opportunities Subgroup will hold a workshop for the commission on September 23-25, during which discussions will take place with representatives of internal and external programs we want to know more about.

Ms. Jones indicated that she would like the subgroups to continue their work throughout the summer. The commission will meet on an abbreviated schedule (most likely monthly) during the summer as well. Her goal is to have the commission formulate recommendations by the end of the fall semester.

Discussion Topics

  • Education Subgroup Report
  • Models & Opportunities Subgroup Report
  • Discussion of summer commission schedule


Action Steps

  • Suggestions for internal and external models to G. Hornberger – all commission members (due before May 18 meeting)
  • Identify "small wins"/actions that may be taken in the short term – all subgroup chairs (due to A. Jones by June 1)
  • E-mail A. Jones with top 5 areas in science and technology/where the action will be in next 15 years (due before May 18 meeting)


Next Meeting

Tuesday, May 18, 7:30-9:00 a.m. NOTE ROOM CHANGE: Meeting will be held in Newcomb Hall, Room 481.


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