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Science And Technology Planning Commission Member List

Chair: Anita Jones, Lawrence R. Quarles Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, Department of Computer Science

David Allis, Byrd Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Janis Antonovics, Professor, Department of Biology

John Bean, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

Donald Brown, Chair of Systems Engineering, Department of Engineering

Suzanne Farnsworth, Undergraduate, School Of Engineering

Ariel Gomez, Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Ian Harrison, Professor, Department of Chemistry

John Herr, Director of Contraceptive Vaccine Center, School of Medicine

George Hornberger, Ernest H. Ern Professor, Department of Environmental Science

Stephanie Johnson, PhD candidate, Department of Environmental Science

Robert Jones, Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Thomas MacAvoy, Paul M. Hammaker Professor of Business Administration, Darden Graduate School of Business

Richard Merrill, Daniel Caplin Professor of Law, School of Law

John O'Connell, H.D. Forsyth Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

Gary Owens, Professor of Molecular and Biological Physics, School of Medicine

Karen Parshall, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and History

Sally Parsons, Professor, Department of Microbiology

Dennis Proffitt, Professor, Department of Psychology

Thomas Skalak, Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Kevin Sullivan, Assistant Professor, Deparment of Engineering and Computer Science

Ex-Officio Members

Gene Block, Vice President for Research and Public Service, Office of the Vice President for Research

Amy Cronin, Assistant to the President, Office of the President

Erik Hewlett, Associate Dean for Research, School of Medicine, Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, Dean's Office, School of Medicine

Pace Moore, Research Parks Marketing Manager for University and Alumni Relations, UVA Research Foundation

Jeffrey Plank, Assistant Vice President for Research & Development, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Office of University Development

Tim Sigmon, Director of Advanced Technology, Office of Information Technologies

Richard Sundberg, Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Professor, Department of Chemistry

Haydn Wadley, Professor of Material Science, Dean's Office, School of Engineering and Applied Science

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