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Dr. Marcus L. Martin

Marcus L. Martin

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Charlottesville, VA 22904-4881

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Disability Access Committee


The Disability Access Committee (DAC) was established in 2013 by Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity & Equity Marcus Martin. As a subcommittee of the Diversity Council, the purpose of this committee is to serve as a think-tank for improving access, in its broadest sense, at the University of Virginia.  The four working groups which were formed and report to the DAC are: Academics, Online, Policies & Accommodations, and Students.  DAC initiatives include:


  • Discussing issues related to disabilities and access;
  • Reviewing best practices related to disabilities and access;
  • Presenting information about disabilities and access to units and departments;
  • Reporting to the Diversity Council;
  • Supporting a disability studies symposium;
  • Advocating for a disability studies minor;
  • Providing recommendations, where appropriate, to the Diversity Council and/or senior administration; and
  • Strategizing as to how to implement recommendations.



Student Disability Access Center

ADA Coordinator

Disabling Normalcy Symposium



Marcus Martin, Committee Co-chair

Christopher Krentz, Committee Co-chair

Kristin Morgan, Committee Staff