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Dr. Marcus L. Martin

Marcus L. Martin

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Charlottesville, VA 22904-4881

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Diversity Council


  • To provide a forum where representatives from various segments of the University community can come together to discuss and consider forward-looking, proactive strategies, methods, and approaches that will help to make U.Va a more diverse and welcoming environment at all levels;
  • To create a setting in which representatives can present diversity-related issues and considerations that are occurring either within their own administrative unit, or within other areas that they have either knowledge about or interest in; and
  • To review information and materials that are intended to enhance and celebrate diversity that are being used or discussed in other higher education institutions, or in other settings, to determine whether they might have any applicability to U.Va.


Area/Office Member
President's Office

Jonathan Bowen

Sheri Winston

Vice President and Provost Karen Abrams
Provost Employee Council Margaret "Peggy" Dame
Senior Vice President for Development and Public Affairs Michelle Packer
Office of University Communications Carolyn Dillard
Vice President and Dean, School of Medicine M. Norman Oliver
Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Center Veronica Ford
Vice President for Research Phillip Trella
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Tonia Duncan-Rivers
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Gary Nimax
Vice President for Management and Budget Leslie Haughton
Office of Information Technology and Communication Rayshon Tibbs
Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer Tabitha Enoch
School of Architecture Sheila Crane
College of Arts and Sciences Hector Amaya
Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

Lindsey Kline

Karen Ohen

McIntire School of Commerce Rebecca Leonard
Curry School of Education Christian Steinmetz
School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Maria Chee

School of Engineering and Applied Science Carolyn Vallas
School of Law Martha Ballenger
School of Medicine, Center for Health Disparities Judy Pointer
Department of Medicine, Human Resources Brian Gittens
School of Nursing Susan Kools
Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy Kellie Sauls
Office of Admissions Valerie Gregory
Athletics Adrien Harraway
Office of the Dean of Students

Vicki Gist

Michelle Sawwan

Marc Guzman

Facilities Management

Adettra Thomas

Caitlin Murtaugh

University Police Michael Blakey
Equal Opportunity Programs Rachel Spraker
University Career Services

W. Leondias Williams

Faculty Senate George Mentore
General Faculty Council Denise Karaoli
University Libraries

Jennifer Harmon

Women's Center Jaronda Miller
Miller Center Andrew Chancey
LGBTQ Student Services and Center Scott Rheinheimer

Student Disability Access Center

Bob Diamond

Chris Kinney

Student Representatives

Abraham Axler

Jasmine Jackson

Carly Spraggins



LGBT Committee

Disability Access Committee

Meeting Minutes


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