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Gertrude Fraser, Vice Provost for Faculty Recruitment & Retention
Gertrude Fraser

Gertrude Fraser is Vice Provost for Faculty Recruitment & Retention at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. She was a Program Officer in higher education at the Ford Foundation from 2000-2003 where she spearheaded initiatives on diversity in higher education and interdisciplinary programming in women's and African American studies. From 1998-2000, she was Director of the Undergraduate Program in Anthropology and Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology and the Carter G. Woodson Institute of African American and African Studies at the University of Virginia. Ms. Fraser earned degrees from Bryn Mawr College and The Johns Hopkins University, where she completed her Doctorate in Anthropology.

She is the author of African American Midwifery in the South: Dialogues of Birth, Race, and Memory. She has presented to numerous conferences and workshops on diversity and leadership in higher education. Her scholarship and administrative mission are joined in her passion for helping others to tell their stories and identify their strengths within an organization and in their everyday lives.

(434) 924-6865

Sherri P. Barker, Administrative Assistant to the Vice Provost for Faculty Recruitment & Retention

Sherri provides logistical and administrative support to all VPFRR initiatives, as well as the Provost’s promotion and tenure committee. Sherri anchors the team and brings to all of her work a depth of professional experience, expertise, and proven commitment to the faculty at U.Va.

(434) 924-1342

Maggie J. Peña Harden, Assistant to the Vice Provost for Faculty Recruitment & Retention/Director of the Institute for Faculty Advancement

Maggie has a broad range of duties encompassing strategic planning, needs assessment and reporting on areas related to faculty recruitment, retention and advancement.  In addition to her work in support of the VPFRR, she runs a variety of faculty development programs through the Institute for Faculty Advancement (IFA). For most of Maggie’s professional life, she has worked on and directed initiatives aimed at supporting and advancing underrepresented groups through the higher education pipeline.


Dawn E. Hunt, Program Manager/Writer

The co-author of both editions of the faculty search committee tutorial, Dawn focuses her attention on faculty search committee pedagogy, as well as providing general support to the Vice Provost and her team. In previous vocational incarnations she has worked as an editorial and research assistant, maternity nurse, and estate cook.

(434) 924-6841