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Resources for Faculty

Resources are divided into the following categories. Click on a link below or scroll for more information.

For information on VPFRR programming, please visit our events page.

Resources for Search Committees and Faculty Candidates


VPFRR Search Committee Support page

Dual-Career Recruitment
The University of Virginia recognizes that employment decisions often involve two careers. We understand the unique challenges that dual-career couples face and are committed to developing resources to alleviate those challenges. For more information, please contact U.Va.’s Office of Dual Career Recruitment at 434-924-4717 or our office at

The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs
As part of U.Va.’s broad commitment to equal access, the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP) provides guidance and resources relating to the recruitment and selection of future faculty. For information on specific policies and a set of great resources, or to participate in their training program, please visit their website.

For Search Committees
The work of search committees is a valuable service to the university. Faculty excellence is foundational to organizational excellence and is predicated upon the dedicated work of individual committee members in attracting the best possible applicant pool. The VPFRR has thus put together a tutorial and set of resources for Search Committees. Please visit the VPFRR Search Committee Tutorial to learn more.

General Resources for Faculty

The following websites provide extensive links to information about U.Va. and Charlottesville. Both “Word of Mouth,” operated by the School of Medicine, and “Home Sweet C-ville,” operated by the School of Law, provide links and tips on everything from family and childcare to resources to financial and career management. The “Faculty and and Staff Guide” provides similar resources. Our office and the Teaching Resource Center have also started a Facebook page to share information that might be interesting to faculty at U.Va.

For links to all of the schools, faculty policies and various resources specific to faculty, please visit the website for the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. Most of the Schools have specific "For Faculty" pages which may be of interest.

Other U.Va. Specific Resources:


The following links are good general resources for exploring Charlottesville and the surrounding area.