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Provost's Search Committee Tutorial

The online faculty search committee tutorial, also known as "the Provost's tutorial" is designed to:

  • underline the significance of each search committee member's responsibility to the candidates, their department, and the university
  • guide and inform search committee members and chairs
  • introduce faculty to the breadth of topics related to diversifying applicant pools
  • introduce new research on recruitment and evaluation of candidates
  • provide reference points for further discussion during the search process

The Provost's Tutorial is required
for all members of search committees
seeking tenured or tenure-track faculty.

Certification lasts for two years.

Please click on one of the following links for more information:

Who Takes Which Training?
Type of Position to Be Filled
Must Take Provost's Tutorial
Must take EOP Training
All academic  
-- tenured/tenure track X
All research  
All administrative  


For more information about EOP training click here.

To take EOP training online go to

User Status Database: We have developed a simple searchable database called "User Status." This database includes the name, U.Va. ID, school, and department of everyone who has taken the provost’s tutorial; it is updated continuously. In the interest of privacy, we are restricting access to User Status to a few people in each school. The table below contains the names of persons in each school who have been given access, in alphabetical order by school/area. If you need to know who has taken the provost’s tutorial please contact the person(s) from your school/area on this list.

UVa ID Last Name First Name School/Unit
krm5m Woodson Katherine Architecture
ncb8m Bertram Nancy Arts & Sciences
pcb6e Brunjes Peter Arts & Sciences
jak8w Krahn Jennifer Arts & Sciences
brc2s Shifflett Brandi Arts & Sciences
lac6a Willy Lori Arts & Sciences
sam6b Morris Sue Continuing & Professional Studies
rkb3b Burbach Rebecca Curry
ctf Fortune Clara Curry
tsd2f Deguzman Terry Darden
jrf8v Freeland James Darden
gcs Shabanowitz Georgiana Darden
wjt Thurneck William Engineering
vbt4g Tucker Vicki Engineering
lle4b Meadows Lisa Engineering
scm Malone Susan Engineering
ks2dg Bennett Karen Law
stp3f Parr Stephen Law
bra6s Ruddy Barbara Law
ams7tz Sapienza Alfred Library
hnc4n Cullop Heather McIntire
awk2k King Adelaide McIntire
rgn3p Netemeyer Richard McIntire
rlf3x Fisher Robin Medicine
dmh Houchens Diana Medicine
ehh2e Hupp Elizabeth Medicine
sck2a Knox Shirley Medicine
hn6u Norfleet-Shiflett Helen Medicine
jmo8n Oliver Jennifer Medicine
ms7w Snoddy M. Jean Medicine
srl Loving Susan Nursing
jmj4n Jarrell Jacquelyn Nursing
mvl2p Doherty Marquita Nursing
jl5bk Robbins-Lassetter Julie Nursing
sdh9y Perry Stephanie Wise