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Provost's Search Committee Tutorial: A Primer

Please Note: This is not the tutorial but a narrative version of tutorial materials, a primer if you will. Reading through this material will NOT give the necessary certification for serving on a faculty search committee. It is designed instead to offer all who are interested a chance to become familiar with the material covered in the tutorial prior to taking the tutorial and/or a chance to review material and references for individual topics after you have taken the tutorial.

If you would like to actually take the tutorial please click here.


3. Hiring International Faculty


Highly qualified international faculty offer yet another way to diversify U.Va.’s faculty. International faculty can enrich departments, schools, and the entire University by offering distinctive and varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives along with specific disciplinary expertise. Yet hiring and retaining faculty who are not U.S. citizens can seem daunting for those who are not familiar with the regulations that govern this process. The specialists at the U.Va. Office of Compliance and Immigration in Human Services (HR-CIS) stand ready to help search committees, departments and schools navigate the process from beginning to end.

The material offered below is meant to provide information that is specific to hiring international faculty with teaching duties, especially in the early stages of the search.

Did you know?

  • Some positions will require a print ad in a national journal in addition to electronic ads if the possibility exists that your hiring unit may later sponsor an international faculty member hired to that position for permanent residency.
  • The application to obtain permanent residence for international faculty must be filed within 18 months of the date of selection, that is, the date of the offer letter, not the date that new international faculty member begins to work at U.Va.
  • When applying for permanent residence for an international faculty member, the hiring department must submit a letter that documents a number of very specific aspects of the recruitment process for that position, including the total number of applicants for the position, the number of applicants interviewed, and a brief explanation of why the other applicants were not interviewed.

These are just a few of the many rules and regulations that govern hiring international faculty. In general, if there is any possibility that you may be hiring someone who is not a U.S. citizen for a position, you should contact HR-CIS as early as possible in the hiring process so they can provide knowledgeable guidance as you navigate this sometimes complex pathway.

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There are many, sometimes complex, rules and regulations that govern the hiring, visa, and application for permanent residence processes for international faculty. Immigration and compliance consultants at U.Va.’s Compliance and Immigration Services (HR-CIS) offer professional and knowledgeable support at all stages of the hiring and application process.

Human Resources Compliance and Immigration Web site


Michael Schwartz - Director Compliance and Immigration

For matters concerning Human Resource compliance and policy:

    David W. Ripley - Director, Policy Development & DHRM Liaison

For immigration matters concerning employment immigration visas (H-1B, O-1, etc), Permanent Resident applications (green cards), employment authorization, immigration policy and related issues:

Timothy J. White - Senior Immigration Consultant

For matters concerning taxation of payments to foreign nationals (payroll/wage; scholarship/fellowship; honoraria, etc.) :

For matters concerning Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9):

Christine Langford - I-9 Specialist



General Overview of the Hiring Process for Foreign Faculty/Staff (HR-CIS document).

Human Resources Compliance and Immigration Services Web site.

Labor Certification Application for a University Faculty Member, Special Recruitment and Documentation Procedures (HR-CIS document).



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