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Provost's Search Committee Tutorial: A Primer

Please Note: This is not the tutorial but a narrative version of tutorial materials, a primer if you will. Reading through this material will NOT give the necessary certification for serving on a faculty search committee. It is designed instead to offer all who are interested a chance to become familiar with the material covered in the tutorial prior to taking the tutorial and/or a chance to review material and references for individual topics after you have taken the tutorial.

If you would like to actually take the tutorial please click here.


The Faculty Search Tutorial: Enhancing Diversity, Building a Great Institution


Dear Colleague:

Welcome to what we are calling a primer for the Faculty Search Committee Tutorial. The tutorial is designed as one component of the informational resources that the university makes available to search committees.

I hope that this narrative version of the tutorial will help you familiarize yourself with important concepts, information, and research in the growing field of search committee best practices, as well as facilitate your taking of the actual tutorial. While individual answers, and the number of times it takes a person to get the correct answer, are not recorded for the actual tutorial, nonetheless the opportunity to preview the material without pressure to answer questions may ease the test-taking process for some people.

I hope that it will inform you, and challenge you to sharpen and intensify your considerable efforts to attract a strong, diverse pool of applicants for faculty openings.

Please note that while we do not use the question and answer format here, all relevant material from the tutorial has been included in this primer.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions about the primer or the tutorial.


Gertrude J. Fraser
Vice Provost for Faculty Recruitment & Retention

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