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Provost's Search Committee Tutorial: A Primer

Please Note: This is not the tutorial but a narrative version of tutorial materials, a primer if you will. Reading through this material will NOT give the necessary certification for serving on a faculty search committee. It is designed instead to offer all who are interested a chance to become familiar with the material covered in the tutorial prior to taking the tutorial and/or a chance to review material and references for individual topics after you have taken the tutorial.

If you would like to actually take the tutorial please click here.

Why a Faculty Search Committee Tutorial?

The tutorial is designed to:

  • Underline the significance of each search committee member’s responsibility to the candidates, their department, and the university
  • Guide and inform search committee members and chairs
  • Introduce faculty to the breadth of topics related to diversifying applicant pools
  • Introduce new research on recruitment and evaluation of candidates
  • Provide reference points for further discussion during the search process

The tutorial is required for all members of search committees seeking to fill a position that is tenured, tenure track, or tenured in more than one school.


Table of Contents