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Management & Budget Customer Survey - Budget Office

The University Budget Office’s (UBO) section contained 12 questions. The sample included 154 individuals who execute operating budget activities, capital budget activities, and ad hoc activities, as well as individuals who work in other University central service offices that regularly interact with the UBO. One hundred ninety-eight people responded, with 163 self-identifying as a member of the target population.



  • Individuals more familiar with the UBO rated each service attribute higher than those less familiar. When comparing responses by self-reported roles, the Associate Deans rated each service attribute lower than other groups.
  • When provided with a list of objectives that the UBO strives to achieve and asked to indicate the importance of each, respondents chose the objective of providing accurate, reliable, and timely support as the most important.
  • While 93% of respondents indicated that UBO staff are collaborative members of teams, workgroups, and meetings (33% strongly agreed, 61% agreed), some open-ended comments revealed a need for the UBO to increase its knowledge of, and collaboration with, schools, units, and other central service offices.
  • 99% of respondents agreed (48%) or strongly agreed (51%) that UBO staff have technical expertise and are knowledgeable about University budget/financial policies and procedures.
  • Regarding quality of service, 94% of respondents expressed confidence in the accuracy and thoroughness of the work produced by the UBO (52% very confident, 43% confident).

Improvement Plan

  1. Improve understanding of school/departmental business processes and needs.
    Develop a rotating schedule for UBO staff to visit school and departmental leaders to learn how units manage their internal core functions of operating budget, capital budget, and financial planning.
    Integrate UBO staff more widely into institutional meetings, including Fiscal Administrators, HR Users Group, and FM Studio meetings.
    Participate in the Finance Leaders Workshop in July 2012.
  2. Improve the clarity and frequency of widespread written communications from the UBO to its customers (e.g., budget development assumptions and instructions, supplemental funding allocations, agenda for budget review meetings).

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