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Management & Budget Customer Survey - Building Official

The Office of University Building Official (OUBO) section consisted of 12 questions. The target population included 125 employees who directly use OUBO services or occupy and maintain the buildings approved by the OUBO including project and construction administration managers, representatives from the University Architect’s Office and Business Operations, maintenance personnel. and managers from Facilities Management and the Health System. Eighty-four people responded to the OUBO survey.



  • 24% indicated that communication of responsibilities/services is not clear when initiating a project.
  • 24% responded that the OUBO does not effectively partner with them to achieve project objectives, a measure of collaboration.
  • Respondents rated OUBO technical expertise high: 90% in project planning/initiation, 82% in value management, 78% in plan review, 89% in permitting, 80% in inspections, 88% in technical consultation.
  • 84% noted that the OUBO produces deliverables according to established timelines (30% always, 54% usually) and 90% indicated the office promptly responds to inquiries (38% strongly agree, 52% agree), both measures of timeliness.
  • In quality of service, 92% responded favorably (47% strongly agreed, 44% agreed) that the OUBO effectively partners with its customers to create a high-quality, healthy, safe, and accessible environment for the University community.

Improvement Plan

  1. Conduct focus groups to identify areas for enhanced collaboration.
  2. Develop flowcharts of processes and timelines; explore additional opportunities to engage with projects from the beginning.
  3. Create an orientation package for new Facilities Management employees who routinely interact with the OUBO.

For more information about the OUBO customer survey results, please contact Ben Hays at 982-5919 or

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