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Management & Budget Customer Survey - Facilities Management

Facilities Management’s (FM) section contained 15 questions. The sample included 240 Facility Coordinators, Vice Presidents, Deans, and Department Heads. Two hundred ninety-one people responded to FM’s survey with 116 self- identifying as members of the target population.



  • Feedback on various types of communication were assessed in the survey:
    • Responses revealed the opportunity for better communication in advance of scheduled work and proactive communication to keep customers informed about the progress/status of work.
    • 36% of respondents indicated that billing statements are not effective.
    • Approximately 26% of respondents do not use the FM website, and of those who do 18% find it difficult to navigate.
    • The open-ended comments also disclosed that the effectiveness of communication varies greatly by individual employee.
  • Timeliness was rated high with 93% of respondents noting that generally FM responds promptly to requests. Responses to service requests were rated slightly lower than responses to maintenance requests, emergencies, and other requests.
  • Of the services provided (landscaping, housekeeping, building maintenance, recycling, and utilities), 92% of respondents reported satisfactory quality of service (38% strongly agreed, 54% agreed).

Improvement Plan

  1. Conduct focus groups to assess opportunities to improve communication with customers.
  2. Improve the Facility Coordinator program, a primary link to the broader customer base and an integral part of communications.
  3. Enhance customer relations training for employees.

For more information about the FM customer survey results, please contact Chris Smeds at 982-4796 or

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