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Colette Sheehy

Colette Sheehy

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Charlottesville, VA 22904-4227


Organization & Committees


Assistant Vice President for Management and Budget 434-924-3377
Director of Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services 434-924-4019
Assistant Vice President for Budget and Financial Planning 434-924-0994
Director of Real Estate and Leasing Services 434-982-5914
Associate Vice President for Business Operations 434-982-5166
Chief Facilities Officer 434-982-5834
Architect for the University 434-924-6015

Vice President for Management & Budget Committees

Cemetery Committee
The University of Virginia Cemetery Committee shall assist and advise the University administration (Vice President for Management and Budget or designee) on matters concerning the University Cemetery and Columbarium. It shall recommend a master plan for the Cemetery and Columbarium including future development and expansion of the current site. The Committee will make recommendations concerning the general appearance and maintenance of the Cemetery and Columbarium. The Committee will also determine criteria for eligibility for purchase and burial in the Cemetery and assist in developing guidelines for the administration of the Cemetery plots and Columbarium vaults.

Members: Dearing W. Johns, MD (Chair), Earl Dudley, Annette Gibbs, Mary Hughes, Leigh B. Middleditch, Bruce Nelson, Robert Rust, William Thurneck, Robert Trent
Ex-Officio: Tom Faulders, Richard Hopkins, Rich Kovatch

Traffic Appeals Committee
The Traffic Appeals Committee shall provide representation from outside the Department of Parking and Transportation for unbiased adjudication of individual appeals relative to parking citations issued by authorized University enforcement personnel. The Committee shall provide to the Department of Parking and Transportation items relative to general parking policies or functions that may require screening or study as a result of appeals impact.

Members: Gary Helmuth (Chair), Maxine Maupin, Walter Oliveira
Ex Officio: Andrew Davis, Rebecca White
Student: Joseph Artrip

Transportation and Parking Committee
The Committee on Transportation and Parking shall be charged with the following responsibilities: to review, develop, and recommend to the President policies relative for parking and transportation support to the University community; to advise the President on long-range planning issues involving parking and transportation at the University. The Committee shall provide assistance and relevant input to the Department of Parking and Transportation for the following: provision of a viable fee parking system; provision and operation of a safe, efficient bus service that supports the academic, cultural, operational, and social activities of a comprehensive University, and provides timely service to and from the Grounds and areas of the surrounding community; facilitation of the orderly flow of vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic at the University, while minimizing conditions which unnecessarily impede traffic both within the University and in areas contiguous to the University; provision of off-Grounds transportation services for the conduct of official business and activities of various University constituencies; maintenance and development of requisite Parking and Transportation equipment and facilities while preserving the visual and physical integrity of the University Grounds; and review of budgets and appropriate fees for parking and transportation services and enforcement.

Members: Jess Wenger (Chair), Scott Barker, Nicole Eramo, Maryann Fields, Julia Monteith, Patricia Romer, Mark Stanis, Angela Tabler, Mary Lee Vance
Ex- Officio: Marge Sidebottom, Rebecca White
Student: Austin Palmore, Emma Troller