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Management & Budget Customer Survey - Process Simplification

The Process Simplification (PS) section consisted of 12 questions. The sample included 45 staff and faculty, including members of the PS Steering and Advisory Committees, as well as project leads and team members of recent PS projects. Forty-seven people completed the survey, 32 of whom self-reported as a member of the target population.



  • The service attribute mean ratings were higher for the target population than for all respondents. The non-targeted respondents deflated the overall ratings.
  • Many of the open-ended comments reflected concerns about the New Internal Financial Model project.
  • Approximately 28% of respondents classified improvements as a result of PS projects as minimal or not at all, a quality of service question.
  • 22% expressed concern about a lack of clarity in communication about PS' responsibilities and expectations.
  • 89% of respondents indicated that PS exhibits timeliness through its adaptability at understanding project issues and working with the team toward effective solutions (41% very adaptable, 48% adaptable).
  • 86% indicated that PS provides deliverables timely (23% always, 63% usually).
  • 78% noted PS technical expertise in improvement methods and tools (26% strongly agreed, 52% agreed).

Improvement Plan

  1. Clarify team and PS roles and responsibilities in project charters and review with the team periodically throughout the lifetime of the project.
  2. Conduct focus groups to explore areas of critical performance.
  3. Share the data related to the New Internal Financial Model project with the planning team.

For more information about the PS customer survey results, please contact Lee Baszczewski at 243-1963 or

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