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Management & Budget Customer Survey - Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services

The Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services (PSDS) section consisted of 12 questions. The target population included faculty and staff with Oracle purchasing responsibilities. A random sample of 300 people from the target population was invited to participate, and 179 responded.



  • One element of quality of service was the use of automated systems:
    • Almost one-third of respondents do not use the Invoice Lookup for Departments, Travel Workbook, or website forms.  Approximately 19% of respondents do not use the UVa Marketplace.
    • Approximately one-third of respondents who use automated systems indicated they were not intuitive or easy to use and often required follow-up.
  • Approximately 30% of respondents who have completed buyer-assisted purchases indicated a concern about timeliness.
  • Respondents viewed PSDS as collaborative: 92% rated accessibility favorably (44% very accessible, 48% accessible).
  • 91% agreed (29% strongly agreed, 62% agreed) that PSDS demonstrates high technical expertise in coordinating the overall procurement and payment efforts, and 81% indicated that PSDS is effective (57%) or very effective (24%) at resolving issues.
  • 86% of respondents indicated that PSDS helps them get the best value on goods and services (18% strongly agreed, 68% agreed), a measure of quality of service.

Improvement Plan

  1. Identify ways to further delegate and empower departmental purchases and local control when permissible by laws and regulations.
  2. Conduct a focus group to explore the issues encountered with the automated systems and how to improve them.

For more information about the PSDS customer survey results, please contact Shannon Wampler at 924-3173 or

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