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Management & Budget Customer Survey - State Governmental Relations

The State Governmental Relations (SGR) section consisted of 12 questions. The sample included 52 individuals including the President’s Cabinet and designated legislative advisors who work with SGR on matters primarily during the General Assembly session. Eighty-eight people completed the survey, exceeding the 52 identified in the target population described above. Of the 88 respondents, 43 self-identified as members of the target population.



  • The service attribute mean ratings were slightly higher for the target population than for all respondents.
  • 23% of all respondents expressed concern about the amount of communication received during the General Assembly Session, however, there were differing perspectives – 10% indicated they receive more than they need, 5% receive less than they need, and 8% reported receiving no communication.
  • 21% of all respondents indicated that they did not know how effectively SGR advocates for the University’s position, a quality of service component.
  • 96% of all respondents felt that SGR is collaborative and effectively partners with units to advocate for issues of interest to their area (51% strongly agree, 45% agree).
  • 98% indicated SGR staff demonstrate technical expertise of government structures, processes, and policies (61% strongly agree, 37% agree).
  • 98% of all respondents reported that SGR effectively monitors and tracks legislative and state issues affecting the University (62% strongly agree, 36% agree), a quality of service component.

Improvement Plan

  1. Conduct a pilot post-General Assembly Session with legislative advisors to discuss the 2012 Session.
  2. Improve information management and expand communications to target deans, associate deans, and others as appropriate.
  3. Continue to establish cross-functional workgroups to address specific issues (e.g. faculty productivity, research strategy).

For more information about the SGR customer survey results, please contact Penny Cabaniss at 924-3377 or

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