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Colette Sheehy

Colette Sheehy

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Management & Budget Customer Survey - Space & Real Estate Management

The Space and Real Estate Management (SREM) section consisted of 15 questions. The sample included 113 individuals with significant interaction with SREM over the past three years. Ninety-seven people responded.



  • Communication was assessed at the beginning and during a project:
    • 25% of respondents expressed that the communications regarding procedures could be more clear.
    • Approximately 29% of respondents identified that SREM does not effectively keep them informed about the status of their project.
  • Leading and resolving space and real estate challenges mapped to technical expertise with 75% of the respondents suggesting SREM appropriately leads and facilitates the resolution of space and real estate challenges and 25% indicating SREM could show improvement in this area.
  • 91% acknowledge that SREM provides space solutions consistent with budget requirements (24% strongly agree, 67% agree), a measure of quality of service.
  • 92% of respondents inidcated that SREM staff demonstrate technical expertise in space planning and real estate matters (44% strongly agree, 48% agree).

Improvement Plan

  1. Improve communication with customers through increased personal interaction and initial meetings to set expectations, explain processes, and build rapport.
  2. Implement a post-action assessment questionnaire to collect immediate feedback on each service request to guide future improvements.

For more information about the PSDS customer survey results, please contact Charlie Hurt at 982-5914 or

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