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Management & Budget Customer Survey

In the spring of 2012, the Vice President for Management and Budget invited 824 customers, members of the University community served by the Management and Budget Service units, to participate in an on-line survey and share feedback about the quality and delivery of Management and Budget services. The survey included an overview section for Management and Budget as a whole followed by seven unit-specific sections. Three hundred and fifty-four people responded to the survey, resulting in a 42.96% response rate. Download the complete Executive Summary.

Respondents were asked to assess their collective experiences with Management and Budget units as appropriate on the following service attributes:

  • Collaboration Partners, works well with others
  • Communication Actively listens and effectively transmits information
  • Technical expertise Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of field
  • Timeliness Delivers goods and/or services within an appropriate or agreed upon timeframe
  • Quality of service Provides goods and/or services of an appropriate or agreed upon standard
  • Professionalism – Adheres to ethical principles, respects others, and reflects the University’s values
  • Overall satisfaction – Pleased with process, goods and/or services met expectations and added value

Overall Results
The graph below depicts the mean score of each attribute for Management and Budget’s service units collectively on a possible 10-point likert scale, with 1 being very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied. Overall, Management and Budget received favorable ratings. The highest ratings were professionalism (8.30) and technical expertise (8.15), and the lowest were timeliness (7.88) and communication (7.83).


The graph below depicts the importance of the service attributes, excluding overall satisfaction, to Management and Budget’s customers. One hundred percent of the respondents indicated that communication, timeliness, quality of service, and professionalism were important, very important, or extremely important relative to their interactions with Management and Budget, with more than 48% indicating that these attributes were extremely important across the board. More than 99% of respondents indicated that collaboration (99.7%) and technical expertise (99.1%) were important, very important, or extremely important.



Unit-Specific Results
Each Management and Budget unit had a dedicated section of the survey. Filter questions were designed to ascertain respondents' experience and/or familiarity with each unit and to determine whether respondents continued with that section of the survey or skipped to the next section. Each unit survey had one or more questions that related to each of the seven service attributes. Each attribute was scored on a possible seven-point scale, with 1 being the lowest possible score and 7 being the highest. Below is a snapshot of the number of average unit ratings above and below 5.50 for each attribute, which approximates the overall mean score across all service attributes and all units (overall mean=5.55). Average rankings greater than or equal to 5.50 are depicted in green, and average rankings less than 5.50 are depicted in yellow circles. Across individual units, the highest-rated attribute was professionalism and the lowest was communication.

green consistently effective - mean>=5.50
yellow moderately effective (potential opportunity for improvement) - mean<5.50


Access Management and Budget service units survey results:

Download the 2012 Management and Budget Customer Survey Executive Summary