The Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) is responsible for the integration and enhancement of research activities across UVA’s eleven schools and multiple research centers. VPR leads university-wide strategic growth activities, including multidisciplinary groups in environmental sustainability, innovation, energy systems, and biosciences. VPR also coordinates the various University units that comprise the research infrastructure, including the acquisition of research funding, the planning and development of academic research space, research commercialization, the incubation of new companies and recruiting of corporate research partners to local research parks, and public outreach.

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Karen McGlathery Appointed

Environmental sciences professor Karen McGlathery has been appointed the University of Virginia’s inaugural associate vice president for research, sustainability and the environment. In her new post, McGlathery will catalyze and lead pan-University initiatives related to sustainability and the environment, strengthening connections among the University’s schools and multiple people and projects in environmental sustainability. Read more.

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Culture of Innovation at UVA

A new culture of innovation has emerged in all facets of UVA research programs, spanning all 11 schools. This new culture is producing unprecedented outcomes for university innovation and offers a model for federal and private partner investment in innovation. UVA innovation initiatives have become a tremendous magnet for the world’s leading innovative corporations, venture capital firms, and entrepreneurs. Read more.