3 Cavaliers

Creative. Collaborative. Consequential.

The 3C program provides support for groups of three collaborative faculty members spread across at least two disparate disciplines, located in different units or schools, to self-assemble, formulate and explore creative, high-risk, high-payoff interdisciplinary research ideas that might not be ready for more traditional funding.

What is 3 Cavaliers?

Seed Funding for $60K and $15K projects. Three faculty collaborating on a new idea. The goal of this program is to empower faculty creativity and significantly advance our interdisciplinary research culture.

A faculty expertise database. A single database containing profiles of all UVA faculty members with data feeds to automatically update specific fields.

This program will be available in July 2018. Funding will begin September 2018.


Please contact Cheryl Wagner (cheryl-vpr@virginia.edu). We would be glad to talk with you about this exciting program.