ResearchNet is made up of a network of people focused on Research Development:

ResearchNet is a cross-Grounds initiative funded by the Strategic Investment Fund with the objective of assisting faculty in discovery of opportunities for external support of their research, and to assist faculty in finding potential collaborations across Grounds.

School-Based Research Development Staff

Susan Barker, Senior Director of Research Development, SEAS
David Driscoll, Director of Research Development, SOM
Rana Ganguly, Director of Sponsored Research Development, College of Arts & Sciences
Bill Sherman, Professor of Architecture, Associate Vice President for Research in Design, Arts and the Humanities
Catherine Thompson, Pre-Award Research Administrator, Curry School of Education

We have partnered with the Health Sciences Library and University Library to launch a series of workshops for faculty and students on online tools for discovery of research opportunities (Pivot and GrantForward) which have been licensed for this purpose. ResearchNet will also provide support for preparation of large, multidisciplinary proposals. If you are interested in pursuing a large, multidisciplinary proposal please contact your Dean’s Office and/or the Research Development staff identified above.